By Abu - 25/12/2016 10:05

Today I broke my glasses beyond repair. I am very nearly legally blind. I get my glasses at Walmart and today, Christmas, is the only day out of the entire year that they are closed. Merry Christmas to me. FML
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how did you write this fml with no spelling mistakes?

I see you've made a SPECTACLE of yourself:). It's okay, I'm sure one of your relatives would by happy take you


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Oh Mr Magoo you've done it again.

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It sucks not being able to see on Christmas but they'll be open tomorrow, only 11 more hours to go. You got this OP.

That's why you should always have spare glasses. Even if they're old, it's better than not seeing anything.

exactly! If you need them this much, you should keep a spare at home.

Everything is just one big blur without my glasses, and I'm paranoid about this happening so i've pretty much got spare pairs stashed all over my house, plus contact lenses in my bag in case I'm out!

Not always an option though. I've only gotten glasses in the last year and they cost $390, so getting a 'spare' set isn't an option

I see you've made a SPECTACLE of yourself:). It's okay, I'm sure one of your relatives would by happy take you

Do you not keep an old pair. I do donate my old ones as well, but I keep at least the last set.

I am I incredibly near-sighted and can't drive without glasses. Even with insurance, my lenses cost $300+ (frames are covered). I keep all my old ones and take one along on travel. Hope you can rig something up. My son broke his THREE times last year. Thankfully, insurance covered the new frames.

Check out online shops. I'm near sighted and get single vision glasses, and I only pay about 20 bucks a pair. I actually just ordered my mother a pair of no-line progressive bifocals and they were only $50. Zenni FTW!

Is Zenni the name of the website because my insurance covers my glasses once every two years & I'm hit in between. I try to be careful but life happens, you know?

I know a couple of people who use that site and works fantastic for them!

Yes, Zenni is the website for good glasses. My brother ordered some and they only cost 70 dollars, compared to 200 from where I got mine from.

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How are you using your old ones? Does your prescription not change that much? Because mine deteriorates incredibly each year. :/

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I came here to recommend Zenni as well. My partner has ordered a few pairs from them, including spares.

Go zenni. My glasses are under $30 with extras! Ive been ordering from them since 2010. Horrible vision, cheap glasses.

I can relate, used to be nearly legally blind too (each pair was around $500!) and had a knack of destroying glasses Not much longer OP!

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FYL for not being able to see Christmas, but YDI for not having spares!