By Thankful I wear glasses - 29/6/2021 19:01 - Australia - Brisbane

Cats can do anything, but they have to want to

Today, after encouraging my cat to try his new cat bed all day with no success, I attempted to gently place him in it. Instead, he managed to fear-spray me in the face. Like a skunk. I didn't even know cats could do that. FML
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By  hope jm  |  5

now you're going to need a new bed because his association with that one is bad. with the new one, just Sry it down and leave it alone. maybe sprinkle some catnip on it. then just let him come to it in his own time on his own terms. patience.

By  Chazzster  |  21

It’s possible the bed has a smell that is unpleasant to your cat - especially if it’s new. Did you wash the bedding after purchasing it? I know that I have a sensitive nose and I have to always wash new clothes or bedding before use because the dyes have a smell that bothers me.

By  CaptainMaggot  |  3

my cats are fully against new cat beds. setting them in places they have been laying and sprinkling cat nip in it does nothing but drape a towel over that bad boy and suddenly its the greatest thing since toy mice and grooming gloves. then i just slowly slide the towel off a little more everyday and they dont notice the difference