By TheKingDavis - United States
Today, after dealing with tons of drama and working a 14 hour shift, I took a shower. When I stepped out, a weak spot in the floor gave way. While falling through the floor I grabbed the toilet tank lid, which fell into the tank and broke it. Now my leg hurts and the bathroom's flooded. FML
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  nateb1tch  |  1

yes, actually shoddy work and over wetness can cause the floor to deteriorate and eventually give way..kinda like how the roof caves in some houses

By  LoLlersnakes  |  0

I'd say that this is a win. That lid could have fallen on you and you could have broken your ankle. Then you would have been rolling around on the floor, naked, soaked in toilet water when someone arrived.


how would she even know that? Oh, after all the junk I went through today, how about I have a near death experience to top this whole janky day up. Sure. She totally knew.