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Today, while at work, I used the restroom. After I noticed we were out of paper towels, I just tried shaking my hands dry. I then readjusted my bra, since it'd been driving me crazy all day. After getting back to my cubicle, I realized that I had two wet handprints over my boobs. FML
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A likely excuse! I bet you were actually involved in some hanky panky with a coworker in the bathroom and came up with this elaborate cover story. You are so busted.


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this is not such a bad situation , it dries off pretty quick

Well at least people won't think she's single.

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Wouldn't you have noticed that in the mirror??

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It's a badge of honor. OP likes to get down and dirty in the office like a boss.

Obviously it was a dull day at work and someone needed a little nipple time...

Or speed up the drying process, shake your boobs back and forth vigorously!

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So wud i Itz gud to bcus yolo you no wut I sain

Please 22, even if it was sarcasm, never post like that again. You made my brain hurt...

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Sexy, lol. Your co workers can fantasize about you getting felt up by a female co worker. Steamy!

49 not all cars! I think simple way for her to avoid the problem in the future is to wear no bra at all, therefore no need to adjust!

At least you have a cubicle and didn't have to go directly work with people where they can all see you.

Damn! Must've been typing at the same time:P

Guys check it out! The girl above me somehow is a superhuman since she has pink and black hair!

At least you're in a cubicle and not out dealing with the public, OP.

A likely excuse! I bet you were actually involved in some hanky panky with a coworker in the bathroom and came up with this elaborate cover story. You are so busted.

Nice pun:D idk if it was intended or not but yeah

Umm... I might just be a total idiot... But where's the pun?

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28- you're not alone. I still don't get it.

LMAO docbastard, YOLO. haha kidding. The pun isn't that bad really. It's simple and to the point.

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Don't people just wipe there hands dry on there pants when there are no paper towels, or is that just me?

Where hands? There hands. Where pants? There pants. See where I'm going with this?

e_r_i_c_a 4

Sorry their. Now I'm ashamed that doc corrected me.

I don't do that to be obnoxious, I do it to try to teach. There's no need to be ashamed if you learned something.

The human buttocks were covered in cloth in order to aid us in this noble endevour.

Doc-Really? I do it to be a complete jackass and feed the trolls. I guess I need to get my priorities straight.

Aside from your grammatical errors, I dry my hands on my pants all the time! Lol

9) Your comment reminded me of the German friendship song from the Animaniacs.

9, I understood her post more than I understood your lame correction. how do you think languages evolved? I don't think you want to talk the same way humans did even only 500 years ago.

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63 - FYI: You're 94 comments deep, you should know by now not to mess with the Doc

63- you don't call the doc by a number. You call him doc.

Mercsl - Are you actually suggesting that people misspelling words constitutes evolution of language? That's a fascinating theory, really. You should publish it and see how famous you get.

76- there are many instances of contemporary languange that are formally recognized now but were considered informal sometimes only decades earlier. so yes I do suggest that.

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83 it was a grammatical error that is not in any way going to be used this way in the future, their is completely different from their, and always will be

83- Don't do it... You'll regret it... Don't say we didn't warn you, for we did. *whispers* And people shall get you for calling Doc by a number...

Who is this Doc person and why is everyone so obsessed with him? And serioisly? To try to teach? I thought this was FML not English class. A word to all you grammar Notzis: GET OVER YOURSELVES!! Everyone makes mistakes every once in a while. Chill out! You don't even know the people you correct. Why do you even care how perfect their grammar is on a public forum? Do you just not have anything better to do??? This sudden surge of grammar correction is a perfect example of how people copy anything they think is popular or will make them seem above others (in this case more intelligent). But honestly, you don't seem more intelligent. You just seem bitchy, annoying, and lame as hell. :

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Those crazy bathroom experiences

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No it will not. It was some high tech nondrying water.

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40- high tech water? That's kinda ironic

I can just imagine the stares of disbelief you received when you tried explaining this to your co-workers.

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That ought to give your boss some ideas ;)