By Lana - Austria
Today, while sitting at my desk at work, a co-worker asked for my help. It was only after I had walked over to his desk, bent over, answered his question, and walked back to my stall, that I felt a breeze. My tube top had slid down across my breasts, revealing my bra to the entire office. FML
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For real 3! No office job would allow you to wear a tube top unless you are the front desk person for a "massage" parlor. Besides, tube tops are tight how could you not notice your boobs popping out?

  Caprdiem  |  0

doesn't matter if she had a blazer or not. tube tops are sooo inappropriate for any professional job. I cant even wear one at my job. and I work with my grandfather.

  gntfmlingnow  |  12

133 You dun goofed is just something people say because it sounds stupid and it's fun to say. as for the hillbilly part, normal people can have bad teeth, and there's nothing wrong with being a little redneck


Do you work with her to know she had something over it? Not only was wearing a tube top but she's bending over next to people. Wearing a tube top & bending over to the point where you fall out of your shirt doesn't sound very professional to me.

  DncrHap  |  9

good call, actually. which would also explain why she was wearing a bra, since most girlies wearing tube tops don't want to show off their bra straps, too.
if they're hidden by a blazer, then no probs.

still not the best plan, though.


Damn, my reply jumped. It's a couple of comments down. I should add, too, that I think some strapless dresses would be OK under a jacket or cardigan. IMO though, strapless dresses are vastly different than tube tops and the two terms aren't interchangeable.