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Today, I went for a job interview for a building position at a retail store. They saw on my application that I was good at math. They asked me what the circumference of a circle is. Being nervous during the interview, I accidentally said the area of a circle. I didn't get the job. FML
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Staymintyfresh - Are you in the slow grammar class?

It's pi, you guys. Pie is food, pi is a number.


Good for you! Should we praise you for your pathetic, worthless achievement?

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-wonka pose- oh, you think your "first" comment is cool? you must be new here.

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It's the area around the circle. 2 pie squared :-s

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I never realized how bad some people could be at math. I'm dumbfounded

Take it easy man, I haven't been in school for years and I don't calculate the circumference on a daily basis. I took university calculus and passed.

If you're not using that kind of math everyday, it's so easy to forget it. And there are a lot of people terrible at math but everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses... As proven by the many, many users on FML who don't know how to spell. Who knows, they could be a genius in another knowledgable subject. :)

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Circumference : 2pr 2 • pie • radius

Agree with 61. Especially since I can remember the equations to most dimensions of a circle, but which goes to which escapes me Pi(r)^2, 2(pi)r, dammit isnt there a 3rd?

It's pi, you guys. Pie is food, pi is a number.

Circumference: Perimeter of a circle. Diameter: Width of a circle. Radius: Half the width of a circle. Area: Area of a circle. Hope this clears it up.

Can't believe no one corrected the pi/pie thing until 72

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The distance around a circle is called the circumference. The distance across a circle through the center is called the diameter. jesus, this is so ******* easy.

Area of a sphere: 3/4(pi)r^3 Surface area of a sphere: ... ummm... FAILURE!

#61 is correct... I'm terrible at mental maths, and can't remember things I've done from last year, but I still get decent grades. I think it might be the way of teaching these days... You are taught to pass exams, not to be good at maths. I remember what I need to pass, and then i discard that information... Then if I need it again i re-learn it.

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That sucks and all, but I wouldn't give someone who doesn't know the circumference of a circle a job. That's 6th grader math.

105-I'm pretty sure it's 4/3, not 3/4. Also, the surface area is easier, since you just get the area of the circle (r^2*pi) and then multiply by 2.

Yeah you can, just Bake them into a square pan!

Area of a circle: (pi)r^2 Circumference of a circle: 2r(pi)

Okay, circumference is R2P or Diametre x Pi

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No more like 3rd, unless your in slow classes....

Staymintyfresh - Are you in the slow grammar class?

Didn't know they installed classrooms in kitchens yes days.. But yes I'd agree, circumference is a third-grade question. Grade seven would be the area of three-dimensional objects.

RedPillSucks 31

three dimensional objects have volume.

I did NOT learn the circumference of a circle in third grade. And I was in faster paced classes at a higher level...

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Not every third grade class in America learns about circumference. I learned about it in 6th grade. Every part in the USA has different educational standards for that grade and district. Just because people didn't learn about circunferences in third grade does not make them slow........

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I distinctly remember reading the Sir Cumference story in third grade

I guess they don't teach circumference to third graders in Canada then.

Lludes 5

No it's more like 6 or 7 th grade. My son is in the 4th grade and they don't study pi they have touched on finding the area of different shapes.

I learned that in ninth grade and I was/am in advanced classes

you'd have to be a smartass third grader to be learning the circumference of a circle.. they definitely learn about decimals and multiplication! so i highly doubt you learned about pi and radius in third grade..

I volunteer in a third grade class and they definitely do not learn how to calculate the circumference of a circle. The highest they have studied geometry is classifying polygons according to the number of sides. Many of them are still learning their times tables, so calculating circumference is out of the question

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We studied it in year 8. In Australia. I was in the advanced class.

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I learned circumference in third grade...

MichellinMan 20

DocBastard - apparently she's a genius according to her profile. I think most people know the difference between "you're" and "your" but they are just too lazy.

U learn it in 5 I'm in 6 trust me I know but I go to private so no idea what gr u learn it in public

108 - private education is wasted on you.

Yeah, maybe third grade math if you live in China.

I learned it in eighth grade and i'm two years ahead in math. I guess you learning it in third grade makes you that much smarter, huh?

Guys, mind you, people from all around the globe are commenting. Education varies so greatly, don't even worry about it.

I'm from nova scotia and and they introduced us to circumstance in grade 6

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Uh no. It was taught in 8th grade here. I covered it in 4th but I was in the advance class. My peers never were taught it til 8th. I know some places cover it in 6th or 7th grade, but certainly not before that.

Since when do you learn that in the 3rd grade?

I didn't learn that till Year 8 (about grade 7) and I've always been in top set for lessons. You may hear about it in grade 3 but certainly not use pi till around 6th grade.

Is this retail store located in Harvard?

ANNNNDDD I just realized it's a "building" position. I deserve what I'm about to get.

Lmao! It's alright, Awsumuzzie, we sometimes miss part of the post, occasionally. Thumbs up for your self-flogging though. ;)

118- It's often shortened to 3.14 if not used as just pi. A lot easier then 3.14159265 or something even longer.

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Pi is an infinite number.

101-That's the area. Pi*diameter is the circumference, which is the equivalent to the perimeter for any polygons.

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that's a tough job if it all came down to was the circumference of a circle.

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You wouldn't get the job, either, that's the area formula. Once, I got so nervous, I described in detail the circumcision of a circle. I didn't get the job, but they asked me to be their drinking buddy.

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64 - New meme? Goes with the picture!

Alexisthebestest 16

What? The circumference is 2 x 3.14 x R The area is 3.14 x R(squared)

It's okay to get nervous, just don't mess up again or something's wrong, you're not good at math after all OP

That's right OP. 15 has never messed up in life EVER. I like cake.

There's a difference between being good at math and being good at memorizing formulas. I'm surprised that the company couldn't see this. Personally, I couldn't tell you half the common knowledge formulas of area and volume simply because those are the kind of things you can easily look up. It's more important to have a good understanding of how to actually do the calculations. Maybe you should have told them that, OP.

80- I love your picture. Math humor is the best.

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86, it's actually science, but I'll let it slide because I agree with you.

My mom likes to say that math is the mother of the sciences, so I'd say it's a math joke too ;)

#103, that sounds like something my Maths teacher would say, especially since he doesn't count biology as a science! :P

... But there is math in biology. I dot get it.

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Being good at math means you know the formulas. Otherwise you aren't good at it.