By lifeguard down - 01/08/2010 04:23 - United States

Today, while at work I tripped and fell in the pool while moving a waste basket. I nearly drowned and had to be saved. I don't know which is worse the fact that I nearly drowned or the fact that I'm a lifeguard. FML
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BRBsummer 9

If you knew you couldn't swim then why are you a lifeguard?

inmarrr 0

omg? talk about ironic.


trumpetGIRL12345 0

aww that's sad

Brittney_E 0

fail. x]

Chrisskiies 0

fail times 2 lol

Kiill3rQu33n16 0

well. obviously you're not that great of a lifeguard if you couldn't save yourself. I have no pity for you. ydi :P oh & btw, fail times 3

WhooperFTW 0

It's funny cause he nearly drowned and he was a life guard

It's funny because everyone is stealing parrot's joke.

ydi!! lifegaurds are meant to be quik thinkers lol you fail your job!!

actually lifeguards are supposed to save other people... how can he save himself if he needs cpr or something. if he hit his head or hurt himself its understandable but if he just couldn't swim then he needs a new job or lessons.

ahahaha did they fire you? x

hahaha that's some funny shit!!

lol I bet that looked hilarious hahahah! hope ur okay:)

what happened to snickerdoodles?

cantfightfate 0

hahaha 35 Ive been wondering the same thing.

what dog eats money? I mean honestly, train your dog right and this wouldn't happen.

oops wrong fml... stupid phone

why the he'll are you a lifegaurd if u can't swim your going to get someone killed bcz u can't swim go get a job at mcdonalds asshole

tromber1 0

agreed ^^

It's funny because lifegaurds are too experienced to almost drown @whooper stop stealing my job as substitute legonut

ydi for being a lifeguard who can't swim

its funny because you are suppossed to save lifes but someone end up saving you

35/38: Read her profile. She's off FML till she's 18. OP: Lifeguard, save thyself!

why the he'll are you a lifegaurd if u can't swim your going to get someone killed bcz u can't swim go get a job at mcdonalds asshole *hell *you *period or semicolon after "swim" *you're *because *you *period or semicolon after "swim" again *McDonald's (followed by a comma) Why the fuck are you using the internet if you aren't even fully literate? You're going to cause massive headaches because you can't write. Go back to school and pay attention during English class this time, asshole.

Ugh, my #61 was a reply to #41 for those of you who can't tell.

_princess61522_ 0

58- ohhhh but what ever happen to that guy... I think his screen name was storyoftheyear or something? he was funny haha

quit your job and do the world a favor

fail times 4? yes. oh, by the way OP, the fact that you are a life guard trumps the fact that you nearly drowned by a full fail-length.

legonut4poser 0

its funny because your a lifeguard who cant swim

24 which is why their supposed to be able to think quick.

Brittney_E 0

lmao 71. failt times 4 wouldve covered it, but thanks anyways

lizzilla8297 2

people that can't swim shouldn't be licegaurds.

#91, one doesn't need to be able to swim to guard people against lice. All it really involves is a special shampoo and maybe a special comb; you don't even have to shave peoples' heads anymore!

good call 93

inmarrr 0

omg? talk about ironic.

GVirdi 11

Blue shuckle, nice

This guy doesn't know how to write an FML. "I din't know which is worse" totally doesn't fit here.

sharmen 0

How does it not fit? All that's missing is a comma.

It doesn't fit because it means that he hates being a lifeguard, completely seperately from nearly drowning. Instead of the whole last sentence, a simple "I'm a lifeguard" would have worked better.

that must suck! FYL

Neatnit you're right, i was about to say the same thing.

I agree. Everyone who commented before NeatNit, or disagree with him, you suck.

Aww, I wanted to feel important and be the first to point this out. =(

both facts are bad.

cheergirly16 0

yess op please tell me why they hired youu lol

BRBsummer 9

If you knew you couldn't swim then why are you a lifeguard?

the better question is, how did he even get the JOB if he couldn't swim. I think every1 is assuming he can't swim but u can simply start panicking or sumthin and start drowning. I think op CAN swim

have u checked the job wanted ads yet

Tequila_Hilton 3

wow I would feel sorry if someone was drowning while u were on lookout.. kid drowning:help. you:jumps into water starts to drown. kid:pathetic much?

LexaDear 0

The drowning childrens consequences will never be the same while he's on duty.

wow yo life sucks but don't believe it happened

xFalzz 0

His employers backtraced this FML, I bet.

And they reported it to the water police.

AndelleRae 9

I really think you're being too hard on yourself, OP. You tripped and fell into a pool and probably panicked. Accidentally going into any body of water and deliberately jumping into it to save someone are two entirely different things. Anyone could lose their heads in a situation like this.

iloveTheMiz 0

First! :D