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Today, I was at work lifeguarding and saw a kid drowning on the far end of the pool. I decided running would be the quickest way to get to her, but as I ran across the pool deck I slipped and hit my head. The kid's mother jumped in to save her child and then called an ambulance for me. FML
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whatmarielsaid 0

LOL isn't there a rule there saying, "no running around the pool area"? or something along those lines. jeez.

lol least you tried, that's all matters.


lol least you tried, that's all matters.

That's all that matters? Yeah tell that to the parents of a child after he/she drowned in a pool or ocean with a lifeguard. Let me know how that goes...

you now know why you tell all tge kids not to run.... hahaha... YDI. next time consider swimming to the other side of the pool. lol.

sukhdeep 4

way to go mr. lifeguard

that's the first rule they tell everyone: Don't run in the pool area. YDI

No running on wet pavement, rule#3 "mr lifeguard"

whatmarielsaid 0

LOL isn't there a rule there saying, "no running around the pool area"? or something along those lines. jeez.

quackquackquac 0

Yeah... and lifeguards are usually the one to enforce it.

Not only is there generally that rule which lifeguards enforce, but in lifeguard training, you are told not to run for that very reason and told to go through the water. If it's REALLY crowded in the water, blow your whistle really loud and tell people to move. YDI, OP! You fail at your job.

Well actually when there are those grids/vents around the pool, you CAN run on them, but it is not advised.

Running beats swimming. He wanted to get to her fast.

Running doesn't beat swimming because of exactly what happened to him. Being a lifeguard, he should have known not to run in a pool area. YDI, OP

Unfortunately you're right, and that's why I voted both ways. FYL for sure, but also - although I hate to say it as a fellow lifeguard AND North Carolian - YDI for RUNNING ON THE POOL DECK!!!!!! XD

Prawn_fml 2

Good thing you got alert visitors, cookie for mommy! And well, shit happens, you tried.

Soccer moms are like olympic athletes when it comes to their kids

Lifeguard FAIL. As long as you wore the right kind of shoes, no need to blame yourself

Why are you a lifeguard? I really hope I don't end up swimming where you work.

droplets 0

they were just trying to do their job. I'm a lifeguard, and if you're the only one on duty, sometimes it can be too late when you swim all the way to the victim. They shouldn't have run, but that doesn't mean that they're a bad guard. Have some respect. I seriously doubt that you could do a submerged unconscious victim rescue and backboard.

YDI - no running near the pool! Kids know that!

you deserve it for risking someones life and being incompetent in doing your job :/

how was he risking someones life??? if i seen someone drowning, i wouldnt casually walk over, id run like a mother fuckr.

121- you're as stupid as the OP, then. Please don't ever try to save me from drowning. If you run by a pool you risk falling (like OP did). And if you fall and hurt yourself (like OP did) then you can't help the drowning person at all (which is why the mom had to do OP's job and save her child herself). Which is why they say never to run near a pool, because its dangerous, and also why you especially shouldn't run to rescue someone who's drowning. Because he was actually risking 2 people's lives by running- his own, since he could have hit his head and drowned; and the child, who could have also drowned while OP was unconscious/ dying due to his own stupidity. You get how he was risking someone's life now?

You passed a lifeguard course?

Turnip_Girl 0

Well, your heart was in the right place... It's just that your head wasn't.

#9 FTW. Yeah...I do believe the first rule in my pool was "NO RUNNING". At least, that's what I remember from my lifeguard days.

augustdanielle 0

That's why there's a sign that says "No Running." Lawl. At least the kid was okay.