By madari - 21/10/2012 23:11 - Spain - Benalm?dena

Today, my husband and I went to marriage counselling. I confessed something that was bothering me, but he didn't understand. Our counselor repeated word-for-word what I said right back at him. He turned to me angrily and shouted, "Why couldn't you just say that the first time?!" FML
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brittanyrmh_ 12

Good to see communication in your relationship is a ten out of ten


Marriage counseling is a joke people just need to talk to there husbands/wives instead of paying someone to talk to. Trust is a big part of any relationship and you shouldn't hide anything from the person you vowed to spend the rest of your life with. YDI

Maybe her husband needs more then just marriage counseling...

I totally agree, it is clear that this couple needs counseling... Good luck you two.

#22 Sometimes people are unable to solve the problem on their own and need help from a third party. OP deserves it because this is one of those cases?

And in most cases if someone has a problem it help to hear it from someone other than your spouse. This was obviously one of those cases...

CaptainDoorknob 7

I think anger management is better for him.

kayPandastyle 15

Yeah like a fuckn hearing aid!

Think about it, if he gets mad over something like this then he could be the type of person to leave her over something silly. He's agreed to go to counselling (may have taken a little persuasion) but this shows he senses something is wrong and they can't fix it alone but wants to! I think counselling can be a very positive thing, it can help people get their point across when they normally struggle. And sometimes when others are in the room they may handle the situation differently, instead of screaming at each other they may find it easier to actually talk one another!

THERE may be people who need help learning to communicate with THEIR spouses. THERE, I said it.

AlexM42 5

Actually it is not a joke, it's an excellent method for cognitive restructuring within a relationship. The issue is that by the time that most couples start attending their relationship is already too torn apart for there to be a proper amount of time to mend it before it caves in on itself. If people would overcome the stigmas surrounding therapy the world would, on a whole, be a much happier and saner place.

YOUR life would have been hell if you'd gotten any of those wrong XD

#22 That's like saying that psychiatric treatment for people who are depressed is stupid because they can deal their issues themselves.

No, I think you're over-thinking it, he just wasn't paying attention, and assumed the therapist said it a different way, so he acted like that just to look like he was listening. Just my guess.

Of course, OP could also be mistaken in this and actually have thought that the therapist repeated word-for-word what she said, where in reality the therapist just put it in simple terms for hubby.

brittanyrmh_ 12

Good to see communication in your relationship is a ten out of ten

lukep135 6

I don't know why but this comment's sarcasm is funnier than usual

brittanyrmh_ 12

It's brilliant! I thought the same exact thing. Sounds like the wife feels and appearance she's talking to a wall whenever she speaks to her husband. Best of luck to them!

*appears....not appearance. Silly me.

MeLuvBewbs 7

And you married him why? ... Hope both of you can resolve your issues and live happily again :)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

She probably married him because there's something about him she loves.... Just a guess.

And problems ans conflict aren't always apparent from the start, just ask the 51% of couples that have or will get divorced someday.

Attitudes like yours are the reason why divorce is so prevalent, #4. People with that attitude think that communication/other issues can't be worked out and decide to just give up without even trying. NO ONE is perfect, and that means there will always be disagreements, even between the most similar of people. You just have to ask yourself if your relationship is worth more than your pity issues.

To me this might as well have been a "he's a keeper" comment and gotten the same response.

Yeah...your husband needs some chill pills. Or perhaps hearing aids. It's your call.

wildsweetchild 19

We can never know..for some people, when a person who's close to them tells them something or gives them an advice, they simply can't hear it... and the more you tell them, the less is the chance they'll ever hear or get's like they hit an automatic ignore button that reacts on curtain for those types of cases all it takes is a third person (even better a stranger) to tell them absolutely the same thing and magically they hear it and get it.

OP probably used to do that all the time, but then she turned five.

tootsie68 22

Guess its not working out for you, huh?

I would imagine no, since they are in marriage counseling.

I hope everything works out well between you. my parents just got divorced so this hits close to home

I'm so sorry for that, my friends parents are currently going through it, and it really sucks and its not even happening to me directly. I hope you feel better and keep in mind, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

That's what PTSD i-... Just nevermind. -shakes head-

17- thanks so much. That just made my day :)

Sounds like the ass has selective hearing.

flutter4 7

It also sounds like he is attacking her verbally because he might be hiding something

SystemofaBlink41 27

26- or he could be a typical cranky pants....

soullessgingers 0

Sounds like it's working really well, eh?