By LiveGuard - 28/03/2012 05:30 - United States

Today, I was taking a lifeguard certification test. I nearly drowned halfway through. FML
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YourEvilHero 12

your not ready bro.

Forgot to swim??


YourEvilHero 12

your not ready bro.

Number 1, I do believe you're not ready to leave English class.

Also, It's spelled "you're" not your

No shit Sherlock. That's what #9 just said.

34- where does is say 9 already corrected him? He said he's not ready to leave English class. And 24 pointed out his mistake. You're a shit smart ass aren you.

Inheritance 10

45- it's aren't ^^ if you're going to troll make sure you know how to :D

My iPhone screen is broken so I was too lazy to correct it :). Btw if u put 2 ^^ that means you are replying to the guy above me... Know that :)

Soooo?? Did you pass?

#81 - Yes, he passed. (It's a lot easier to agree to what idiots are saying then to point them out and rant on them. IMO.)

Sigh... I wouldve thought it was implied that i wasnt serious. Apparentaly not.. Smh

Forgot to swim??

leogirl95 12 got the job??

I_Hug_Cats 26

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swmmingg

Inheritance 10

Bright side it wasn't in a kiddy pool or was it..

You might want to reconsider being a lifeguard. If you can't save your own life, how could you save others?

he did save his life if he's fml-ing about it :)

Somebody probably jumped in and helped him, considering he "almost drowned."

Maybe op will give their life to save someone else...

20- that made me LOL irl

take one more swimming lesson?

41- I'm SO ******* tired of seeing your shit comments everywhere. I'd close my eyes to block you out, but I must have caught some of your idiocy, for I've forgotten how to blink...

Well in case u didn't know u need to know how to swim if u want to be a lifeguard....

MrGroovy28 7

You should see if your bf can swim, most black guys can't -- I don't get it. You would think bc they are so athletic.

StopDropNRoll 11

Next time bring the floaties and the tire tube for assistance ^^

Don't give up and keep practicing. You'll get it one day.

You mean - drown one day...

kooner55 0

Guardings not for you man

agm77 9

Maybe he's great at being a mall security guard on a Segway. Guarding may be his passion, just a different kind of guarding.

Keep practicing, pass the test, get lifeguard experience under your belt. How do you feel about jumping out of helo into sea to save people? Think big...

Yeah you probably need to know how to swim...

mycala14 0

Way To Go Bro!!!

WHOA! Your eyes...they're so huge! It's awesome!

Not awesome...she looks like an alien

And you look like a complete bitch, 17

Yah totally getting the vibe from the obese princesses 25 (;

HeartsCry 0

your eyes are so beautiful I think I've lost my heart in them