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Today, I had a meeting with the CEO about a promising job with good pay and benefits. Upon meeting, we immediately recognized each other. He was someone I used to make fun of in school all the time. He responded by refusing to interview me and had security throw me out by force. Karma bites. FML
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That sucks, but you kinda deserved it...


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That sucks, but you kinda deserved it...

Today, I had a meeting with a potential employee about a good paying job with benefits. Upon meeting, we immediately recognized each other. He was someone who used to make fun of me in school all the time. I responded by refusing to interview him and had security throw him out by force. Karma rocks. MLIA

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"My Life Is Awesome/Average" in this case it would be awesome.

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When I was 7, I got bullied horribly. Then, to make myself feel better, I picked on kids smaller than weaker than myself. I realized what I was doing was wrong at age 8. But I continue to get bullied. But I always remind myself that they will end up working at carwashes.

Just another reason why connections are everything. :) If you have had a bad relationship in the past, don't expect to waltz into a job interview. There's still tension. I think the CEO was justified.

He more than kind of deserved it. Anything that ends in "Karma bites" is a definite YDI.

yeah you do kinda deserve it. Karma's a bitch but you should have followed bill gates advice on "Be nice to nerds beause one day they might be your boss." :P

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KINDA deserved it?! More like DESERVED it x100! I was the target in school, and if I were ever in the position of the CEO of this FML, I would've done far worse than just kick my former tormentor out. Do you know how badly it scars a kid to be constantly bullied? Of course not, cause you were the kid being cruel to others without any thought of how it might affect them. I have trust issues thanks to assholes like the OP. I hope you never find a job again.

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What? You want us to feel sorry for you? To feel sorry that a kid you mercilessly picked on in school was able to make it in life and you couldn't? That you just now realize that those kids figured it out before you did, and yet you picked on them for it? Yeah, Karma bites, but if I were Karma, I wouldn't even be satisfied with you being sadomized by a 500 pound, retarded Gorilla.

Now imagine if you had made good friends with him during school. Where would you be now? That sucks for you, but I agree, YDI.

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What kind of CEO - in a company big enough to have private security - does job interviews? That's what the Human Resources Manager does. This is so fake it's stupid.

If it makes you feel any better, it was probably one of the best days of his life...

#190 ROFL so true Make up for it by helping others. It will have an amazing impact.

I cant even describe how much you deserved this... Good luck finding another job. With your actions towards poor defenceless kids like that, you're gonna need it...

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223 how are they helpless? they can't go to a gym and work out or take lessons in fighting or anything else to stop people from bullying them? there's plenty of options they just didn't take them.

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not that I think bullying is right, it's not, but I don't think the kids getting bullied are helpless or defenseless.


#244 How are they not defenseless its not about getting strong or fighting do you know how stupid you sound right now you really expect them to fight and make things worse then they already are life's not a movie there isn't just one fight then its all over

I don't disagree that OP deserves it, but I've been one of those people being picked on and bullied in school throughout my entire life as well. That sucks, and I can't take a compliment or even be satisfied with one single thing with myself because of it so I know how much it affects you, but often times, when people bully it has less to do with the person being bullied than the bully or people around them, so the CEO could also have been more mature and just asked OP to leave the building instead.

He doesn't kind if deserve it..... He totally deserves it.

Karma FTW. Also, this proves that those nerdy kids will one day be the bully's boss. Or job-blocker.

U ever heard of bill gates? Look where he is. Heres ur lesson... Dont screw with nerds, cuz they are going places

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It makes me sick when some kids just put up with bullying and don't take a stand. Punching them in the mouth may get you suspended, but thats why you get 35 friends to back you up and kick the shit out of the little shit :D

What friends? A bully that does his job right ensures you are made into a pariah. Besides, bullies only pick on those weaker than themselves anyway. If he'd punched him in the mouth, he would have got hit back harder.

That's true. Even if you stand up to bullies, that doesn't mean they'll actually stop. Not to mention adults won't always be around to protect you. Even if you tell, all adults can do is tell the bully to leave you alone. Once you're no longer in sight of adults, the bullies will go back to smacking you around.

Depends what he meant by 'in school'. If they were in 6th grade FYL, late HS or college YDI, and in between is a grey area

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#29, You're wrong. I was bullied throughout middle school and finally put an end to it in 8th grade when I beat the kid up during lacrosse practice. It was fun :P Never had a problem since, though he claims I "cheated" by slamming his face into a tree.

Nope, if you emotionally scar someone then YDI. If I met the person that bullied me today I would punch her in the face now that I have the muscle to and the guts because I've grown up and realized I need to defend myself, even if she didn't do anything that moment. But from all the embarrassing situations she put me in and the shitty things she did to me when I hadn't done a thing to her, yea, I would punch her, or embarrass the crap out of her back. Let her have a taste of her own medicine. I gave her more than 1 chance to not be mean to me, and she didn't give a shit, so now I don't either. So, OP, too bad, YDI. I hope you teach your kids to treat people like human beings with feelings instead of picking on someone.

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I would expect that 2 adults would be able to forgive and forget what happened 10+ years ago. Would punching her in the face and saying "That's for doing x to me y years ago!" really make you feel any better?

Ideally, the CEO should have risen above all this and been magnanimous and forgiving. The reality is that bullying leaves deep emotional and psychological scars. Recent studies have shown that kids who are victims of bullying are far more likely to have serious psychological problems later in life, because of the bullying. Bullying hurts, physically and mentally and emotionally, and for a lot of people it's something that you simply don't "just get over." However, I have to say...that if the CEO gave the OP a job, that would be even greater revenge, because now the bully will be under his thumb, and will be in his former victim's debt. If you think about it, that's even worse than being thrown out, so maybe the OP should count his blessings. And yeah, if the OP has kids, teach them that bullying is WRONG and can have long-term effects.

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I could see this being justified if it were constant beatings everyday in which case legal action could've been taken but this just seems like a person holding a grudge against someone who has probably changed.

#103 You must not have been bullied. The OP even admitted that he harassed the other kid "all the time". That sort of thing leaves deep scars. #93 is saying the truth. Bullying is a traumatic thing that can leave you messed up for life.

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Not bullied to the extent of being "tormented" as everyone here likes to exaggerate but bullied none the less. I played Yu-Gi-Oh during recess in middle school so it's not like I've never been picked on. What I do know is that nearly everyone here is making this seem like the CEO was beaten into an inch of his life everyday at recess and after school and that the people who are still actively wanting revenge 15 years later are the real idiots. Kids are stupid and people will change but if you don't think that then YOU'RE the one who will never change. (That YOU'RE was not directed at anybody specifically.)

I was bullied and I say this creep deserves it. I wasn't necessarily tormented, but I still remember it. In fact, I think it's probably the reason I've become such an extreme introvert, and a bit of a pessimist and sadist.... with a side of masochist. Hah. We don't know when the CEO guy was bullied or how long he was bullied. Many fucktwats never let up, and will keep bullying into high school, and sometimes even into college. Now what were we saying about acting like adults? And you don't have to be beat within an inch of your life/physically punished to continuously feel the effects from your bullying. CEO guy probably used his past treatment as a driving force to BECOME a CEO, so actually it would make sense if he still had a grudge, since he used his upset as a vehicle.

it would probably have been quite awkward for them to work together anyway...

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Yeah, well...we can't all be super cool bullies who listen to Green Day can we? Gosh, 30 year old balding punks in eyeliner and skinny jeans are so ******* cool!

in the end, we have to realize that the bully never wins. What started it all was them probably being a molestee.

Bullying lasts forever....I commend the CEO for teaching this ass a valuable life lesson...finally.

You'd understand if you've ever been bullied. It's an experience that will haunt you forever.

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There's no way you don't deserve this. I hope you were mugged on your way home, jerk.

Everyone does stupid things when they're kids. He should have given you a chance IMO. He'd be able to brag about being more successful =P

There's a big difference between "stupid" and "mean."

Yeah, everyone does stupid things as kids, but not everyone does stupid things at the expense of other people's feelings. There's no excuse for that. He deserved it.

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I agree, 32. I never bullied anyone, but I sure did get bullied. YDI!!!!!

I agree with #32. It's true kids don't make the best choices but not all kids leave psychological scars on their peers.

karma does suck, ydi and fyl for the embarassement...

This is what you get for inflating your ego at the expense of others. YDI.

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I'm suprised no one's bitched about OMG STOP TALKING ABOUT KARMA yet. Maybe FML users are finally realizing their constant nagging does nothing. :D

That's because the word "karma" was used properly in this situation.

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Well I understand that, but some people on the other FML weren't bitching about how the OP used it, they merely said "I'm sick of all these karma posts."