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By Anonymous - 18/05/2014 04:48 - United States

Today, while lifeguarding, I slipped and fell from my chair and onto the cement. Embarrassed and actually quite hurt, I tried to climb back up to the chair, but it tipped. I fell half onto the cement half into the pool, just before the chair landed on top of me. FML
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Come on, OP. Don't let gravity bring you down.

That sounds painful. I hope somebody helped.


On a serious note, Are you Ok? Cement is pretty unfriendly

yikes. i hope youre not injured too bad. besides that, id be having a big talk with the owner of the place, bc those chairs just shouldnt fall off. good luck and heal quickly.

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I think omg is an understatement

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Your comment has nothing to do with the comment you replied to

#44 how do you figure that remark is not related

Well honestly number 16 probably replied to number 1 to have their comment at the top.

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This sounds like a scenario that stick figure death animation would do...

Come on, OP. Don't let gravity bring you down.

Hopefully OP has life alert. It seems like gravity refuses to let you up.

Once you've fallen over once you just can't stop. It's a slippery slope! Good luck on your next trip to the ER!

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I put YDI because it seems like op is very clumsy. I hope nobody else got hurt though

71- It's not OP's fault if he's clumsy. Why would anyone choose to be clumsy?

I down voted your comment because you're an asshole

#71. If that was you having lifeguard chairs fall on you or you slipping on wet cement, would you put a YDI? Didn't think so. Just saying. Sounds like bad luck if you ask me. Feel ether OP

All OP had to do was sit there. You had one job!

That sounds painful. I hope somebody helped.

I'm sure it hurt more emotionally/mentally than physically considering other people saw him.

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This made me think. Who helps the life guard if the life guard needs help? Is there some sort of life guard for the life guard?

Other lifeguards! We had one of ours fracture his wrist running to make a save. We splinted it and sent him to the hospital.

41- that reminded me of the Spongebob episode where he's procrastinating on writing his paper, so he asks the mailman who delivers his mail. "Is there a never chain of mailmen delivering mail to other mailmen?

I think you've got this wrong. You're supposed to save people, not be in need of saving.

Why is this so downvoted? I thought it was funny!

Obviously because it's more of an idiotic asshole remark apposed to actually being funny, 62.

My guess is they laughed their asses off. It might be on facetube.

I suppose they took out their cell phones and took pictures

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'Ole clumsy Carmen is at it again'

I guess you need to be saved more than anybody else.

I really hope some people watching were nice enough to help OP

I cringed at the thought of that. Feel better OP.

You sir, are in the wrong field of work

I'd say op is in a better field than construction, firefighting or any other job that may require longer ladders. Stay close to the ground my friend!

I agree. Stunt woman might be a better position for OP.