By hahatofunny - United States - Pensacola
Today, while at the gym, I started flirting with a hot doctor. I thought things were going well so I suggested we work out together sometime and maybe work our way up to dinner together, to which she replied, "Sorry but I've seen tumors bigger than your biceps," and then walked out. FML
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By  GrinchFu1  |  27

Is there a gym where people can go to work on their tact? No? There should be. Dodged a bullet on that one though... Shallow people will nitpick you to the point where you actually believe there's something wrong with yourself. You're good. Screw her.

By  PaolaBlack  |  7

I completely understand if she didn't find you attractive, but there's no need to be rude.

You can always work on your biceps, but even then you don't have to modify your body to impress anyone but yourself.

You'll find the girl that will see past that type of things. (: