By kutekittykatz - 10/07/2013 08:58 - South Africa - Johannesburg

Today, while ironing some shirts, my cat decided to hop up and investigate. To prevent him from burning himself, I instinctively moved the iron away and placed it flat on my other hand. FML
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CreepInTheCorner 11

Am i the only one struggling to pucture how this would happen?


CreepInTheCorner 11
ILoveMyArm 15

On the other hand, she isn't.

Damian95 16

Come on meow, another fml about cats? Well at least they're entertaining.

sarahnicole1398 10

Well Jesus, I'm sure OP could use your healing powers!

Am i the only one struggling to pucture how this would happen?

bettyboop428 24

The only conclusion I could come up with was the cat was controlling the OP's mind. This was no accident.

OP must have forgotten she had another hand, of course until she felt it burning, OUCH!!!!!

Given how it was worded, I'm still chuckling at the mental picture of OP's cat ironing shirts. :)

pinguino3669_fml 23

Even if it's hard to imagine it still really hurt OP :/

She forgot because the cat was controlling her mind.

3, when I was 13 years old, I stuck my finger in the holes on the bottom of those things to see if it would hurt.. It stuck for a second or so.... Never... EVER.. Do that, that hurt like a bitch clamping your nipples with pliers LOL.

moecroe 7

Wow op, that sucks...hope your hand didn't burn badly!

Yeah you will need some aloe Vera for that burn and some ice too .....if it was that bad

OP don't put it directly under cold water , you should put toothpaste on it . And then put it under room temperature water .

Never put toothpaste or anything greasy on a burn since it can actually hold the heat in and make the burn worse. Ice is also bad as it can cause ice burns easily.

83, it is actually recommended to have a face cloth over the burn area with the ice on top of that, or having the burn area placed in a bowl of ice water until there is no more heat felt on the hand. Just because it doesn't feel like it's burning anymore, doesn't mean it isn't. - 2 separate First Aid Classes for work and again for another job. Even though I already had it.

As bad as it sounds I let my pets hurt themselves in something they do frequently that they shouldn't. Animals are quite good at learning from mistakes. I know it never said its happened before, just saying a simple solution. Hope the hand feels better.

A little bump on the nose if they accidentally run into something and serious burns caused by an iron are two completely different things. I grew up on a farm. You do your best to keep your animals safe. Also, some animals are just too dumb for their own good and cannot logically produce a solution to their predicament. Others are way too intelligent that they can hurt themselves proving it.

Pwn17 25

Also, "things they do frequently?" How often do your cats play with things that burn them?

If your pets get themselves in some sort of danger frequently, I am pretty sure they are not learning.

You better not let PETA find out about this ...

I know that sucks and I hope you have a speedy recovery but big props to you for loving your pet enough to protect it from the iron!

rg350dx 29

Gah! You and your catlike reflexes, ya beat me to it!

Pwn17 25

Of course she has catlike reflexes, just look at her picture!

Your cats an evil mastermind it wanted you to burn your hand. Anyways run it under cold water for about 10-20mins.

when you get a burn youre not supposed to immediately run it under cold water.

Lukewarm water works better for burns. Cold water exacerbates the friction from the transfer of energy on your hand, not to mention worse scarring.