By kutekittykatz - South Africa - Johannesburg
Today, while ironing some shirts, my cat decided to hop up and investigate. To prevent him from burning himself, I instinctively moved the iron away and placed it flat on my other hand. FML
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  mb2_native  |  15

3, when I was 13 years old, I stuck my finger in the holes on the bottom of those things to see if it would hurt.. It stuck for a second or so.... Never... EVER.. Do that, that hurt like a bitch clamping your nipples with pliers LOL.

  Epickiller  |  19

Never put toothpaste or anything greasy on a burn since it can actually hold the heat in and make the burn worse. Ice is also bad as it can cause ice burns easily.

  mb2_native  |  15

83, it is actually recommended to have a face cloth over the burn area with the ice on top of that, or having the burn area placed in a bowl of ice water until there is no more heat felt on the hand. Just because it doesn't feel like it's burning anymore, doesn't mean it isn't.
- 2 separate First Aid Classes for work and again for another job. Even though I already had it.

By  IscoreOnU  |  19

As bad as it sounds I let my pets hurt themselves in something they do frequently that they shouldn't. Animals are quite good at learning from mistakes. I know it never said its happened before, just saying a simple solution. Hope the hand feels better.

  Welshite  |  39

A little bump on the nose if they accidentally run into something and serious burns caused by an iron are two completely different things. I grew up on a farm. You do your best to keep your animals safe.

Also, some animals are just too dumb for their own good and cannot logically produce a solution to their predicament. Others are way too intelligent that they can hurt themselves proving it.

  amisenho  |  11

Lukewarm water works better for burns. Cold water exacerbates the friction from the transfer of energy on your hand, not to mention worse scarring.