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Today, after reading a sign at the airport, my 6-year-old son thought it would be funny to yell, "Daddy's got a bomb!" Airport security then tackled me to the ground. Oh, and I missed my flight and my mother's birthday. FML
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  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

#1 Not exactly, no, but you can and should teach them that accusing his parents of untrue things and lying is bad and will get him grounded.
The same situation could have happened with the kid yelling at the mall "daddy touches me in places I don't want" and other such things for fun. Or "my teacher touched me". That sort of thing has happened before many times, and it's particularly bad because then it makes it hard to know when it's actually true. Kids really need to know not to drop accusations for fun when it's not true, especially grave accusations.

And kids have an uncanny knack to sense what are things that will cause a mess or be funny if they say them, and of course they'll have fun doing it if they think it's of no consequence for themselves. They should be taught that you don't play with important matters, and that you don't lie about important accusations, of any type.
If the kid knew that, they wouldn't have yelled the bomb thing in the airport.

  Beesh  |  0

How is it a lie? By not being the truth, moron.

1. He would NOT have been tackled. Ever heard of excessive force?
2. You don't think something like this would make some sort of news?


@57 -- What? Even the best parent can't control exactly what their kids say. They can teach them not to say certain things, but ultimately they have no control on what comes out of their kid's mouth.

By  Acuvue  |  0

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By  Pmm368  |  5

Though it is funny, your life sucks and I hope you teach your 6 year old a lesson for saying that kind of stuff in an airport.

I moderated this and said yes :)

By  clib542  |  0

only an fml if your a bad parent, the airport has done a lot to keep you safe, obviously a 6 year old wouldn't say it on purpose. you should be thankful they did their jobs, its only your mothers birthday, I'm sure you have been to a few dozen of them in your lifetime