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By  Talis99  |  26

To be honest, while I don't work in cold calls (calling out to folks uninvited), I do work in a call center for insurance and I am not the only one who hates it when folks do this. I understand you're lonely, but we're doing a job. It can wreck our call volume and pile work on someone who doesn't have the lonely person. I'm trying to get your claim handled and then help someone else, not hear how your relationships or health problems are going.

OP, there's plenty of other ways to find friends. Book clubs, Facebook groups, flash mobs, Internet societies. You'll find someone interested in the same things and happy to speak to you. :)

  polsen4273  |  8

I work in customer service for a small lab. This happens all the time, especially if you are calling for a redraw. It doesnt bother me, because its what Im paid to do. Im sure you dont get paid on commussion either, and if you let someone talk when they want to, they may compliment you, if you dont, they may complain. I hate to be a dick, but you need to change your mindset when talking to clients or patients, or you will be (more) frustrated everyday

  Talis99  |  26

Actually, 14, I get more frustrated by being bitched out by my managers for having a 40 minute call and there's calls in queue for others that need help. Or feeling guilty for my coworkers taking call after call after call because I can't help.

I'm not saying I don't mind a little. But I work in insurance claims. If you have to talk about your relationship with your son to a stranger, you need to call someone else.

My pay and feelings have nothing to do with it. I just want to do my job, keep the call flow going, and meet the stats imposed upon me of average call time and call volume. This stuff ruins that. These folk need to learn appropriateness just like I shouldn't be talking to them about stuff that isn't my job. Just how it is.

  Weasely  |  11

If it was such a big deal for you to not talk to people like they're humans then it should be part of your job to be able to say you're busy and end the conversation.

By  CrazyManNo9  |  29

I have a favorite business adage that says, "If you aren't busy today, you didn't work hard enough yesterday." Same goes for life. Go do something. Go do a lot of somethings. Carpe Diem.