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Today, after weeks of flirting with the hot guy at the gym, he finally asked me to meet up with him outside. I was diagnosed with strep throat just hours before our date. FML
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Wizardo 33

Ask him for a rain check on the date after explaining the circumstances. If he understands and agrees then great. If not then that's just bad luck and I hope you get better soon.

As long as this is the first time you've rescheduled, he should be understanding. You are probably disappointed to not get to go to something you were looking forward too. Just imagine how much better it will be when your feeling better and not infectious!


I'm sure if you explain the situation to him he'll understand. If now, he's not worth it.

Wizardo 33

Ask him for a rain check on the date after explaining the circumstances. If he understands and agrees then great. If not then that's just bad luck and I hope you get better soon.

As long as this is the first time you've rescheduled, he should be understanding. You are probably disappointed to not get to go to something you were looking forward too. Just imagine how much better it will be when your feeling better and not infectious!

I've had strep quite a few times. Doctor's appointments are pricey and they're going to recommend amoxicillin in most cases. OP, if you're allergic to amox, obviously ignore this next part. Someone might find it useful. I find that buying them online is cheaper and it costs quite a bit less. "Fish Mox" (don't be alarmed, it's legit) is the EXACT same thing your doctors prescribe and you can buy it online without a prescription (because it's made for fish, again same chemical composition, even the same color as what you get from a pharmacist). The only reason I'm sharing this is because I've fallen victim to tonsillitis (due to strep) multiple times and going to the doctor 5 times in a year was not my idea of a good time. Now I can buy a bottle of 100 pills (500mg) and treat myself at home for $24 for 5 treatments. No doctors, no nonsense.

Awesome! Thumbed down for offering genuine advice on treating a nuisance illness. FML fans, you never cease to amaze me. :) I was offering the suggestion because I hate the idea of someone else going through what I did because being sick and having crippling medical bills on top of that isn't something I'd wish upon anyone. I understand my advice may have been unwarranted, but such is life. Just trying to help because I wish someone would've told me. It would've saved me hundreds of dollars. I'll be bathing in the cleansing powers of these downvotes, so keep them coming. ;)

Yea fml is by far the worse community I've come across. They thumb everything down.. Grammar mistake THUMBED DOWN genuine question THUMBED DOWN real advice THUMBED DOWN.

Mildly lame pun? Thumbed down. Even when they're slightly amusing.

If the *worst community you've come across simply downvotes things they disagree with, I envy you. FML is pretty tame compared to most internet fora. Also, scroll through a few more FMLs; you'll see most of the top comments—most of the comments in general—are "real" advice. People only complain when others don't like /their/ advice.

Uhm, maybe just maybe you're getting thumbed down because your advise is terrible? You should never ever take anti-biotics without consulting a doctor beforehand. I'm not from the US so I thankfully don't have to deal with gigantic medical bills but it's incredibly important to get the right prescribtion. Things to consider are for example: What are your exact symptoms? Is the infection viral or bacterial or both? Is is just one illness or multiple? How many ABs have you taken over the span of a couple years? Which kinds and for how long? etc. ABs are not some aspirin you take when you feel like it. Taking the wrong kind or wrong dosis can have horrible side-effects on the long run (multi-resistant bacteria, loss of effect ...).

I didn't say they were like aspirin and you take some when you feel like it. Although I can't blame you for jumping to an outrageous conclusion like that because I wasn't specific enough, and that's my fault. I keep them around because I've been to the doctor enough to know the dosage amounts and the period of time over which you're supposed to take them. I don't just take them like vitamins or candy. That's insane. I only take them when I know the illness is coming back because I'd been through this several times in the past 2 years (not since I bought my own amoxicillin, by the way). I have to get the illness under wraps quickly because strep and tonsillitis both cause your tonsils to swell and it makes it difficult to swallow and breathe. I also do a lot of over-the-phone work so if I can't talk, I lose my job, my place to live, everything that's dear to me. I even stated that this wasn't an option for everyone. This is to help somebody out there who may need this information because AGAIN, doctor's visits are expensive. With the right amount of education and research - and I spent plenty of time doing this on my own - some illnesses are treatable without the need to pay an arm and a leg for some damned doctor to profit off of your sickness. To find an easier solution was literally life-saving for me, and I will share my knowledge because of the experience I went through. I had 5 doctors prescribe me the wrong medication, give me the wrong information about my illness, and they didn't give a damn as long as they got money at the end of the day. Not all doctors are like this, but I was pretty bitter about getting shafted at my own expense. This is the only real sickness I've had to deal with, and it takes its toll on your body and your emotions when you feel so helpless and can't do anything about it. Some people in this community are just plain heartless, and yeah LOLumadbro, I am mad. I actually care about others and it just ******* sucks when people are selfish as balls. That's part of the point of this site. We're not always here to laugh at others' pain, but to support each other. So **** me for trying. /rant over. TL;DR - Do your damned research on treatments, and stop assuming that everyone is as stupid as you like to think they are.

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Jesus, ridiculously emotional much? You might wanna back away from the keyboard and take some deep breaths.

I'm just frustrated at people for their inability to comprehend the words on their screen. Nothing I said was with negative intention, and there's nothing "ridiculously emotional" about that comment. You'd be frustrated too if you were trying to be serious and you weren't being taken seriously.


Fish Mox or any other medicine made for animals is NOT for humans. Human grade medicine is a more pure substance than what is given to your fish, it is also not the same MG. If you purchase it and use it yourself you run the risk of not only causing the virus or bacterial infection to become immune to your antibiotics, you also can become more ill with something else, allow your illness to progress to something like pneumonia or Scarlett Fever, and poison yourself with unknown substances. Amoxicillin or any other generic antibiotics can run as low as $4 a bottle. So unless you are looking to shell out a few grand for a hospital stay due to your own stupidity, stay away from animal meds and pay the damn money for your actual prescription. THAT is why you were downvoted. Not because you were trying to be "helpful" but because your are a damn idiot and could get someone killed by offering them something that they shouldn't be taking. Do you also suggest gargling bleach for bad breath because mouthwash is too expensive?


Also, going to the doctor is max $300 for a strep throat, that isn't exactly a "crippling doctor bill". There are places like Urgent care that are cheaper than a standard doctor as well. And if you have to go to the doctor so often then perhaps instead of offering others horrible advice that can actually harm them, you focus on your own health because you need to change something in your life, be it have a mold inspection done of your home/work place, or changing how you eat, whatever because getting that sick is not a good sign and continually pumping antibiotics through your system is literally killing your immune system. So focus on you, and let the rest of us go to a professional who has spent 7years and $300,000+ paying for their education.

"Your are a damn idiot." Well you sure told me. Nobody said anything about gargling bleach (by the way mouthwash is cheaper, so your example was just plain stupid). And yes amoxicillin is $4 a bottle, with at least $80 or more for a doctor's visit, and even more than that if you have to go to the ER because you can't ******* BREATHE. I have no had any problems since taking my own amox. On top of that, I haven't gotten sick again. So taking care of myself worked better for me. It also worked for my dad who had a serious bacterial infection and who was the person to recommend it to me in the first place. I spent 2-3 months reading up on it to make sure it was okay and safe for humans to take because I was skeptical myself. Then when I got sick, I bought some, and again knew the dosage from having to take it frequently in the past. The issue is that doctors can advise the best dosage but they're not always right. In my case, I was either prescribed the wrong medicine, or not prescribed enough medicine. I have not been sick since. More people use Fish Mox than you realize. But instead of considering that there ARE other options out there, you want to sit back and be angry with me and insult my intelligence. Also, I tried your way. I went to the doctor. 5 times. Are you not reading? And with that logic, $300 x 5 = $1500. For someone who is providing for themselves without any assistance, that is pretty crippling.

By the way, the reason I kept getting sick was not because of "mold" or eating habits. Seriously??? It was because from the very FIRST visit, I was prescribed too low of a dose for the issue I had. Which was simply strep throat. The second, third, and fourth visits, it only got worse because they were switching me off between amox and azithromycin and it was messing with my body. So forgive me if I don't trust your system. I was offering a suggestion because it's worked for me personally, a few people close to me, and countless others as well who have testified to the same thing. Do you think that I would endanger my body? It's the only life I get. That's why I spent the time to make sure I could trust it. Please stop being angry with me and insulting me because you don't understand a different perspective than your own. Not everything in life is as it seems. Open your eyes and ears.

Whipped- Just calm the hell down. If you're getting upset about people on an app not agreeing or understanding you, you might have a bigger problem than reoccurring strep throat. Nothing in life should ever get you so mad at people you don't even know.

you realize theres more to antibiotics and health than that. also youre not supposed to take antibiotics except as a last resort. people lile you are literally why we have superbugs. dont give medical advice youre not qualified. if your dr didnt work you find a new one not look for knockoff drugs online. they go to med school for a reason!

Way to kill your immunesystem and all. Who says you would get sick again if you dont take anything? Kill your own immunesystem but dont advice others to do the same. Also man tha F up because you sound like an emotional rollercoaster.

Also being thumbed down because it really has nothing to do with the FML. OP never even said anything that would suggest that they need any help with their strep throat, only that it cancelled their date.

First off: Over use of antibiotics causes increased numbers and strength of bacterial strains that resist medication. Meaning it doesn't work, which put millions of people at risk because you decided that self medicating was the best option. Second off: If you are having recurring not tonsillitis, there's this thing call surgery which can be used to remove your tonsils. Third off: If you are getting sick so often, then yes, you do need to see a doctor instead of chugging pills, because for all that you could know you may have cancer or be HIV+ or even have AIDS!

#28, you got strep throat FIVE times in a year?! I usually get strep throat and/or a cold/flu once a year or less when I'm introduced to large crowd and someone has it (i.e. returning to college in September). I agree with the mold/spores thing, either that or you have an awful lifestyle which is resulting in an awful immune system or because of the fact you're taking fish medicine and compromising your immunity?! Also, chill the **** out! No-one even asked how to get rid of strep throat, you gave shit advice and that's why everyone is down your neck, you'll get used to that here! If you think the FML community is a bunch of pricks, join Club Penguin for a tamer audience...Or even better, 4Chan! You should write about how everyone is being mean to you here or post a selfie on one of their forums, they love that!

Anyway. Still alive and well. I haven't needed to see a doctor about strep in over two years. Getting sick 5 times was not a result of using Fish Mox. This was *before* I medicated. As for someone suggesting I get my tonsils removed, that was not recommended because tonsillectomys are more dangerous as an adult (which is neither here nor there at the present time). I'm happy now and re-reading these has been fun -- thank goodness for the Random FML section.

That has to suck so bad! Sorry to hear that tho :( I hope you feel better soon

It'll be fine, if he's not a dick he should be understanding.

Fortunately, life isn't a dating sim—Hatoful or otherwise—and one wrong move won't send you back to the beginning with weeks of work ahead.

If he really does like you then he won't care about one rescheduling especially as this seems to be the first time you've had to do it