By Matt - 05/10/2011 10:49 - Australia

Today, I finished a website that I have been working on for ages for a friend. He tried to repay me by offering to teach me to play table tennis. FML
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YDI for not setting terms before starting the project. How does it feel to be used?

Getting table tennis advice from a pro is priceless...


Its the thought that counts!

Dude. Just learn it, enter some tournaments, win all the prize money and don't share with him!

I think the OP would rather count dollar bills.

Thoughts do NOT pay the bills!

Ahhh table tennis. Such a useful skill these days!

I moderated this one. I feel special.

Maybe you took too long.

Nobody ever pays me in table tennis lessons :(

Did you agree to do it by just him asking or did he say he would pay you? If he said he would pay then don't give him the log in information until he either pays you a flat fee up front or signs an written and notarized agreement to pay a percentage with you as a "partner". And if he refuses use the website yourself, what's the problem here?

1 but you see that thought sucks.

I see Mark Zuckerberg is up to his old tricks again.

If your freind is asian those lessons will be good

At least it was trident layers

I enjoy the simplicity of your comment, 59.

Accept. You might learn to love it.

71 why thank you, you fine fellow, might I say your hooters balloon is looking, very um...large today.

Not a problem 78. Why thank you in regard to my balloon, it is quite large lately. In regards to your potato, he is looking rather uh, ravishing today.

You should post this on ;)

His friend is a cheap ass

Getting table tennis advice from a pro is priceless...

Who said his friend is a pro?

Well, if he is a good player it would be extremely useful! It's a great game to play with your buds and earn some quick cash.

A website?! WOAH!! how very useful

Dont complain. Table tennis is a very useful skill.

If it adds to your beer pong skills, maybe.

That's a good deal if he's a pro. Lessons are expensive. If not, FYL.

That won't pay the bills!

(Every TV Judge in America): Get it in writing

I'm surprised he didn't pay OP in trident layers gum!

Lesson learned: ALWAYS get your money up front. Especially when working for friends!

Delete the web site unless you get what u want problem solved!!!;)

Or he could screw with the website and have a little fun! I'd love to see his friend's face when he tries to use the website. EDIT: Forgot I was on random FMLs. I guess this comment will never be seen by anyone. Oops.

YDI for not setting terms before starting the project. How does it feel to be used?

Maybe if you got really good and started betting money. But he would probably just try to teach you how to golf.