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Did you agree to do it by just him asking or did he say he would pay you? If he said he would pay then don't give him the log in information until he either pays you a flat fee up front or signs an written and notarized agreement to pay a percentage with you as a "partner". And if he refuses use the website yourself, what's the problem here?

  13FTW  |  9

Not a problem 78. Why thank you in regard to my balloon, it is quite large lately. In regards to your potato, he is looking rather uh, ravishing today.

  ddlovatolover  |  23

Or he could screw with the website and have a little fun! I'd love to see his friend's face when he tries to use the website.

EDIT: Forgot I was on random FMLs. I guess this comment will never be seen by anyone. Oops.