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Today, I was on the phone with my boyfriend, and I cheekily told him about something I'd read that's supposed to feel really good during sex. I then heard his sister sarcastically say, "Yeah, that does feel pretty good". Apparently he'd had me on speaker the whole time. FML
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I hate speaker phone. I always tell people when they're on it.


Next time just surprise him with it...Guys are visual and hands on learners, **** the whole imagining it while you're not there crap

9, you're probably very boring to be with if it's difficult for you to use your imagination.

#26, absolutely not lol. find me and I'll gladly prove you wrong celebrating your day with great birthday sex ;)

EphMi 5

if you guys must know, its running the alphabet on her ********.

I literally rubbed my eyes in disbelief at #30's comment. Then I re-read to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Highly inappropriate.

What I really want to know is what OTHER embarrassing things OP said over the phone before she realized she was on speaker!

#31 a is for Alfred b is for bat and so on.

I found it! I am the world's greatest detective.

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Were you reading Cosmo?...

Good to know your boyfriend trusts his sister enough to let her listen in on your calls.

Her boyfriend's sister could have just walked by at the right time to overhear their conversation.

I hate speaker phone. I always tell people when they're on it.

Well at least now you have a good review for the act before you try it.

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Cause all the good reviews on the internet, which made it popular, weren't valid. I just think it's awkward that it was his sister that said that.. I wouldn't want to listen to those types of conversations involving my brother.

I try not to believe most things on the internet actually. If I did then I would have microwaved my phone to charge it like the OP in that older FML.

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You don't know if it was sarcastic... It's the hot sister!

Totally, love it when replies totally don't make.... SQUIRREL!

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We share the same name (different spelling) so by the same name unwritten rule I have to explain to you my brother in names that no, she said it sarcastically.

im sorry, who just randomly puts people on loud speaker like that though?

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I'd like to see you strap into motorcycle boots with one hand.

If you're strapping into motorcycle boots, you may as well hang up seeing as you'll be driving soon anyway.

#35 I doubt that that was why OP was on speaker mode.

just remember erotic asphyxiation killed David Carradine from Kill Bill.