By desperate - 26/09/2009 14:15 - Denmark

Today, while at a club, I walked up to a cutie who had been eyeing me all night. I asked him "Is that a phone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?". He simply replied "It's a phone" before walking away. FML
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tomakobriefs 11


Yeah, I also agree. What OP said was pure lame.

I think this is hilarious! Guys doing pick up lines is funny-- girls doing them is pure win! xD Though if it were me, I would expect to fail, find it even funnier, and been more like "I am awesome" than "F my life."

yaziyo 0

Agree, YDI. Laaaaame pickup line.

infm 0

haha I completely agree. a thought: maybe he just got too nervous. if I got approached by a girl like that, it'd be instant love. i hate it when girls just sit around waiting for you to approach

bryttkneee 0

is that oral herpes or did you just hit puberty ;D

OmgItsAnaBeatriz 0

Well, bit of a lame pickup line but hey, you win some… you lose some.

What kind of pick up line is that.. Sound like your grandmother taught you that one.

tomakobriefs 11
xd0rkiee 0

I don`t understand why you would say that. What does his phone have to do with him looking at you?

palmtrees 1

Have to agree... since you didn't say he'd been eyeing you all night and it looked like he had an erection, this really just doesn't make any sense.

I'd be very worried if my erect penis could be mistaken for an iPhone! If it worked like one, I wouldn't be able to stop playing with it.

Do you like making cheesy jokes on every one of these FML's? ;)

Incubuss: Are you talking to me or Triumvirate? Because we are both pretty guilty. Triumvirate: Really? I'll go see about having my old cylinder + hemisphere reshaped.

I was primarily speaking to you, but they are probably at fault as well.

I do like making jokes at the FML's that inspire me to do so. In the US, "cheesy" is not a compliment, which is odd because lots of people like cheese. Except people who are lactose-intolerant -- are you lactose intolerant?

plexico - like you don't play with it enough as it is without extra features? ;) of course it would be classic to see the look on the first persons face to walk in and find you having a conversation with your penis.... and then hearing it talk back.

rofl!!! 8 has tha right idea.. that was very selfish and horny of u op

palmtrees 1

And you're an idiot with no grammatical skills and a problem with the CapsLock key.

Aren't phones kind of rectangular shaped? How could you mistake a retangular phone for a penis? YDI for assuming the guy was a 14-year-old who gets an instant erection just by looking at a girl.

that's just a known line, actually, it's kinda funny. I'm sure she never really assumed it was his erect penis. That's just a stupid line, I don't see why it would be so much dumber than any pick up lines guys use...

Guys, it's a pick-up line, don't take it so seriously. That was her idea of "flirting". Then again, it's a stupid pick-up line, so..XD