By chrono19 - 04/05/2014 10:11 - United States - Bremerton

Today, I got a birthday package from my parents. It was all the stuff I'd forgotten there when visiting a month ago, along with some other things I'd left behind when I moved out. FML
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That's actually a pretty good present. At least they didn't sell your stuff.


I bet your room is now a gym room for them.

Nah. It became his dad's Naked Room.

If OP's dad is anything like mine it's probably been the naked room for a long while. Unrelated question, anyone know a good therapist?

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every room is a naked room.

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#10, why can't it be the gym room and the naked room at the same time?

ya #10 he can exercise his dick in the naked/workout room

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be careful not to drop any weights... yowch!

Terribly sorry about the thumbs down of a decent comment, but at the same time, you disgust me. Dafuq is that, a book title?

I Don't Know Why Anyone Capitalises Every Word Either, It Takes A Damnably Long Time.

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could it somehow possibly be a keyboard setting? maybe they have the capital word saved in autosuggest? I just don't understand. lol it "disgusts" you

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I had NO clue damnably was a word.

I'm just going to say a simple 'sorry' OP.

If you were going for a simple "sorry" then you missed the target by at least 7 words.

Vanshikap 24 least they remembered ur bday,OP? in any case,happy birthday!:)

That's actually a pretty good present. At least they didn't sell your stuff.

A good present? It was her stuff, some of which she didn't want.

How do you know she didn't want it? She says she forgot it and didn't leave it there.

they never said they didn't want it. However OP needs to learn to pick up after themselves. A lot of people would've thrown their crap out and considered it abandoned.

CrazyGirlfriend 21

it was their what is technically someone else's apartment. if the parents dont want it there either then there isnt anything wrong with that. I dont get how this is a fml...parents arent saying she isnt welcome back home or that they dont love her. they probably just wanted to use the soace. obviously they believe she can make it on her own enough to not move back home soon.

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Isn't that a nice thing that they did?

Some things you just can't run from