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Today, my work is doing a legal investigation about whether they can avoid paying me maternity benefit. According to my sleazy boss, "You notified us too late." FML
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I'd say this would be a good time for you to get an attorney on retainer.

Plot twist: Her kid is 32 and lives in her basement.


I'd say this would be a good time for you to get an attorney on retainer.

HOLY CRAP first of all I hope they're super wrong and have to pay you every penny you deserve annnnd I hope that when you find the time, you look for a new job.

Plot twist: Her kid is 32 and lives in her basement.

Are you the lady that was trying to steal a watermelon?

I actually need more information on this before I can really Judge. It is actually possible to wait too long to inform a company of such things. In the UK you are required to notify a minimum of 15 weeks before the due date as to when the baby is due and when you want to start maternity leave and they have 28 days to get back to you. If you were in the U.K. and waited till 14 weeks before the due date I can imagine it would trigger an investigation like that. In the U.S. it is a bit different and different companies have different rules about how maternity leave is handled, so it would also be entirely possible that the companies policy could state that you have to inform them "X amount of time before" and equally possible for the OP to have failed to follow that policy. I'm all for maternity/paternity leave but I definitely believe that you have to follow any and all rules laid out regarding since there is no requirement for the company to give you time off to have a baby since having a baby is generally a choice ,and yes even if you use birth control that failed, you still made the choice to have the sex that led to the baby in the first place, and not an unforeseen medical emergency.

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Well the United States is basically the only developed country without legally enforced paid maternity leave, so I feel as though this can't be in America.

Most countries have a minimum time before you have to ask for it though, for obvious reasons. So without telling us when she asked for it and what the law says in her country it’s impossible to know if she’s right.

It could still be America though because while Maternity leave is not legally enforced as a thing overall, if your company offers Maternity leave than they have to honor it as long as all the rules were followed and to not do so can lead your company into legal troubles.

Definitely get a lawyer there are many who'll work pro-bono on bullshit case's like this,also if possible go to his boss and make a formal complaint for discrimination against him.

Unfortunately, legally on paper, your boss while sleazy has every right to deny. Not everyone wants to take maternity leave, and companies do ask for large paid benefits for time off a large notice. If you're 35 weeks pregnant and you're just doing it now, They now only have between 3-7 weeks to find a long-term replacement for you. It totally sucks, but you should always look into this stuff early on.