By Dipping Tired - 20/04/2016 23:17 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, while half asleep, I dipped my finger in ketchup instead of a fry, and bit down on it so hard I needed stitches. FML
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Everyone has the capability to bite their finger that hard, it's our brain that restricts us from doing it though.

liebe123110 29

I've been told it takes the same amount of strength to bite through a carrot as it would to bite through your pinky finger. But the brain stops you from doing it.

kingdomgirl94 29

I'm going to go ahead and assume finals were behind this one. I've been that tired after a nasty exam or a super long essay.

ChristianH39 30

Apparently it was the "don't bite your own finger" half of OPs brain that was asleep.

#27 Could you say his brain was... Fried? (I'll show myself out)

#52, the door is right over there. Have a nice day.

Could you not feel the ketchup on your finger? And, even half asleep, how did you not realize you weren't holding a fry, but instead lifting your finger up to your mouth??

You're trying to look at this rationally. Sleep deprived people aren't often rational, believe it or not. You don't think they were actually hungry for their finger, do you?

Rationality does not come into the equation when you're sleep deprived.

Are you new here? By that I mean new to living as a human being as a whole.

mariah_1_11 22

what the hell kind of fries were you eating that you thought it required that much force to eat?!

ALittleFreak 15

Or just super hungry trying to shove food in as fast as possible.

Then she'd probably be shoving more than one fry in her mouth.

ALittleFreak 15

You do know that it takes the same amount of force to bite through a carrot to bite through a finger? The only thing able to stop you from doing so are your pain receptors. So it wouldn't be that hard to bite yourself and cause enough damage to where you'd need stitches; especially when sleep deprived like OP.

You're right,not isn't hard to bite through your finger. But it takes much more force to bite a carrot than a French fry. French fries barely need to be chewed.

My daughter decided to put her fingers in my mouth when I was talking one time and I bit her fairly hard just because I was talking. If you don't think you're putting a finger in your mouth (yours or otherwise) your brain won't tell you to hold back. My daughter didn't need stitches but she cried a lot haha. It's all in your head.

I hope you enjoy telling that story to people. lol

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what were you doing eating half asleep? haha

I have a friend who brings chips with her to bed and will eat them throughout the night when she wakes up on and off.

kingdomgirl94 29

If I did that I would get so fat so fast...

Well you DO use the same Amount of force to bite a carrot so that makes sense

You don't need that much force to bite a fry though

I don't get how one can mess up that badly.

BDanzeisen 20

What fries are you eating that require you to bite down that hard?

I know, right? I'm starting to (x) doubt.