By gavinbanks - United States - Medford
Today, I asked this really cute girl for her number. I had nothing else on me so I told her to write it on a dollar bill. Later, without thinking, I put it in a vending machine. I freaked out and frantically pushed the return button. It gave me back quarters. FML
gavinbanks tells us more :
Hey everyone! Op here, thought I'd clear some things up. I had my phone on me but it was dead that night. I actually saw the girl again last night at another party, I told her the story and she have me her number again! Everything worked out for the best I guess, Thanks for the funny comments everyone!!!
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  kurodansei  |  16

When you're on a cell phone and you kina sorta want first comment, you make sacrifices. Is "ppl" so difficult and obscure an abbreviation that you have to file a complaint about it in the comments?

  fareith  |  15

If any guy can't get girls, that's pretty sad. It's really not too hard. Grow some balls, and talk to one that is WITHIN your league. Guys that can't get any are always either awkwardly shy or trying for supermodels.

  Wowxoxo  |  17

"... I had nothing else on me so I told her to write it on my hand. Without thinking I washed my hands after using the bathroom. FML."

I'm assuming OP didn't have his phone, hence the FML.

By  Enslaved  |  36

That girl is crazy to allow you to write her number like that. I personally wouldn't want my phone number written on money. Now everyone that gets that bill would have my number. :P That's a crank call waiting to happen.

  Enslaved  |  36

It has been before. Damn Faster Pussycat song! :P

I have had problems with my number getting out. I hate when I go to a place like "Party City" they ask for my phone number at the register. Why dammit? I only want to buy a ballon and a box of Skittles!