By mel - 25/03/2016 13:20 - United States - Smithville

Today, the guy I buy weed from invited me to have Easter dinner with his family, since I've nowhere else to go. FML
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The ham won't be the only thing that's smoked

gobroski 11

That's nice....


gobroski 11

That's nice....

At least you now have somewhere to go- it'd be more of an FML if no one would have you over.

I completely agree. It's not like him being a pot-dealer makes him any less of a person, he knew OP didn't have anywhere to go so he opened up his home to give him a place to celebrate.

The ham won't be the only thing that's smoked

I would've said baked.

Maybe you can get some more weed

rosha267 21

That's so sweet!

You know you're a pothead when your dealer is your best friend.

Does it count if your best friend happened to become a dealer?

UserError94 18

420 braze it anyone?

Try to get some of that weed for free!

I don't agree. The guy is being nice to you by opening his home. Just be nice in return and don't take advantage of him . Of course, if he offers, then it would be rude to refuse, right ?

Bring some weed

That's ! I donno what to say

So instead of not commenting anything at all you decided it's best for us to know that you have nothing to say?