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  gc327072  |  29

I wouldn't. Some girls are all:

"omg, he's got a new gf and she's hotter than me!"

and get all jealous when in reality they should just focus on maintaining happiness in their own relationship(s). 'Tis a bit petty to obsess over past exes, and wish misery upon them.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

32, if they're jealous that means there's feeling there. if friends mention it to her and she's like "cool" then she doesn't have any feeling. yes girls will compare others to themselves and she's probably compared herself other exes new girl but she's actually bothered by the fact that he's got a new girl.


I wouldn't continue dating someone like that. My current gf kept telling me how I look much better than her ex, even if I didn't think it was true. A partner should be devoted on their current relationship, and not lingering in the past. It is natural to have some leftover feelings, but to be devastated over it shows she cares more about him than you. You deserve a full partner with equally reciprocated love.

  evamusical  |  12

If you are over someone, you shouldnt be jealous. When I told my best friend I was in love with her ex (I felt so guilty) she even gave me advice on what he likes, because she was over him and happy with another guy. It doesnt have to be hard.

  tjv3  |  10

I would cut my losses if I were you OP sounds like she isn't over her x and I know from experience that isn't good to be in a relationship with. Oh but don't forget the breakup sex

  Osito2011  |  9

Exactly, op needs to see where he stands in the mix. If I was op, I would of felt like I was a pity boyfriend, or that I wasn't even her boyfriend. That I was just some guy who she occasionally let me put my face between her legs.

  denden_mushi  |  10

He should comfort her then dump her. What kind of person does that to their current bf? If it was a casual relationship with only one or two dates between them then it would make sense. But since it isn't he should dump her.

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

She's absolutely right! How dare he get over her, when SHE was supposed to get over HIM! He should be groveling at her feet, begging her to come back. How rude of him to move on after a year!

Talk about a high school mentality.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

I couldnt agree more 7. If it was after a short period of time and they broke up with you, I could understand feeling angry at them, but not being really sad that you arent with them. you deserve better than someone who doesnt want to be with you.

  zingline89  |  18

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this is sarcasm, therefore I did not thumb you down.

P.S. I read your profile and I lost the bet, do you accept Paypal?