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  paprikacha  |  9

The proliferation of cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, fashion magazines, increased forms of media in which to give people a skewed view of what beauty is, and an increased focus on importance of physical characteristics/sex in a relationship as opposed to a deeper emotional/intellectual connection. : (

  diabian  |  9

women don't believe in that crap... thats only for men; accept your girl for who she is; even when she puts on weight and gets bad teeth, and blame that on "stress" and possibly "pregnancy" and all that crap.

  DjeePee  |  24

Oh no, are you two the 'it used to be better in the old days' people?

First of all, I doubt that unconditional love ever existed. There are always very logical conditions, like 'no beating' or 'no cheating'. Second, the unconditional love in the way you probably meant it still exists, just like the importance of physical characteristics used to exist thousands of years ago. Thirdly, unconditional love is not the same as unconditional sex. You may love someone very deeply, but if the flab on his stomach turns you so off that you aren't able to have sex anymore, I doubt the love can fix it.

People had always a skewed view of what beauty is (the gorgeous Georgian ladies put fruit in their hair, come on) but the big difference between past en present, is that it are no longer only the rich ones who can afford it. So everyone can en does feel the pressure of beauty.

But I hope that most people are still smart enough to prefer the deeper emotional connection instead of the looks.

  insanesna1l  |  0

i put tomato sauce and hot chips in my hair and people dont find me sexy!?

dump her op before she gets the upper hand. Chances are she has put on some weight too. it happend in relationships as you are comfortable with your partner and no longer see the need to look good to impress

  Averance  |  8

My boyfriend has put on a little chub over the years we've been together but I still think hes sexy and I would never harass him about his weight unless he was at a serious health risk.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

3 and 7 youre both harping on about how everything is so concentrated on looks that you somehow missed the hypocrisy in your own comments. nobody said she doesnt love him, and shes staying with him. the only ones aligning love and appearance are you. good work.

  Jammy01jams  |  2

there is such thing as unconditional love. I know because I have it for a girl. I don't care what she does wrong, if she gains weight, or if anything happens, I love her. She just doesn't love me back.

  klet89  |  1

there is NO such thing as unconditional love. People always change. If they end up being a murderer, a bad parent, proud of being unhealthy-----actually this list can get pretty long, but my point is that there is always a point where you run.

to OP: She could have told you at a better time, but if you could lose the pounds, time to hit the gym. If anything, you might be able to trade up to someone with manners.

By  klutzyduck1  |  24

I agree sort of. I think it's funny that it is more accepted for guys to be "shallow" and focus on mostly a girl's looks when dating, but when a girl communicates/acts on what she's physically attracted to, suddenly she is a shallow whore. I think it's ridiculous, I'm physically fit and fairly cute---the only reason a guy wants to date me before he knows me is because of the physical. I don't think it's wrong for me to have the same expectations of fitness that a guy has for me. I also look for intelligence, humor and being a good person (but that is not the topic today) Sex is about passion and being attractive to your partner. Keep the spark alive and hit the gym. At least she is communicating it with you and giving you input to make the relationship better.