By Not Mrs Soprano - 08/07/2013 11:57 - United States - Irvington

Today, my husband's recent obsession with The Sopranos since James Gandolfini died went a step further into the ridiculous, when he tried to encourage some ducks to land in our swimming pool by throwing loaves of bread into it, while bellowing at them with a 'Noo Joisey' Wise Guy accent. FML
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Aw that would just quack me up.

I feel bad for the ducks. LOAVES of bread? They'll die of heart failure before they even get a chance to lay eggs! Think of the children!


Waste of first comment

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First to get down voted into oblivion. Yeah, I'm sure you will be.

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Aww, sounds like he's just being funny. Give him a break.

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I think it crosses the line when he starts throwing Loaves of bread in the pool. I can understand a piece or two but loaves? You wouldn't be catching a break for that in my house, this ain't no kit kat factory.

Even though James Gandolfini is an absolute legend, I agree, nothing justifies throwing whole loaves of bread away like that. Bread is expensive.

Ohh please bread cost a dollar a loaf no big freakin deal.. yall need to calm down smoke some bud

Aw that would just quack me up.

The funny part is that "quack" could be the way to say crack in a "noo joisey" accent.

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It's actually trying to say "new jersey" in a New Jersey accent. Try to say New Jersey like those people from jersey shore.

Toasty283 8

I got disliked or being "informative".... Tough crowd...

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Because we all know what it means.

That's not very wise at all.

Does he talk dirty in that accent too?

thats the funniest thing ive ever heard. makes me want to go rewatch those episodes!

Lmao now that would have been funny but annoying hugs op

I feel bad for the ducks. LOAVES of bread? They'll die of heart failure before they even get a chance to lay eggs! Think of the children!

Sad fact alert: bread is bad to feed ducks often because there's little nutritional value and it fills up their stomachs when they could have buggies or plants. If you go to a busy pond, bring certain greens and veggies for them! This has been your duck-friendly PSA.

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#15 You hand out apples for Halloween, don't you.

If I had a nickel for every time I told someone that I'm from New Jersey, and they in turn told me I don't sound like I'm from New Jersey, I could put a down payment on my dream home in central Florida. Bitch, I do sound like I'm from New Jersey. I just don't sound like I'm from a North Joisee New Yoik suburb like those douche bags on Jersey Shore and the fictitious mob boss Tony Soprano.

So you have a South Jersey/Philly accent?

Don't you hate that? I had one person in my life correctly guess what I was based off my accent and I was very surprised but otherwise, I don't "sound" like an undisclosed area near jersey haha.

Yes, 21. It makes me want to go Tony Soprano on their ass. Or when people don't believe me when I tell them that much of New Jersey is farm land. No, 18, I wouldn't say I have a Philadelphia accent. People from Philadelphia sound odd to my ear compared to people from my home town. I'd say I have the generic American accent heard in most movies and ads.

23, I feel your pain. It happens to me too.

Hey! I'm from north jersey and I don't have an obnoxious accent :( at least I hope not...

I remember when I went on my first college visit in Maryland, and I met a few people there who asked where I was from. The second I said I was from Central Jersey, they began cracking up and asking why my accent was so "normal." God, I hate this with a fiery passion. Sorry, to burst everyone's bubble, but that Tony Soprano accent isn't a Jersey accent. In fact, I'm pretty sure basically anybody you find in in NJ that actually has that obnoxious Joisey accent (I know none in real life) has simply been a victim to outside influence up north near NY, or down south near Philly. The Jersey Shore douche bags are not even from NJ (except for maybe one). They're New Yorkers!

Boys will be boys!