By Anonymous - 07/04/2014 00:20 - Australia - Spearwood

Today, at the café I work at, I was yelled at by a woman because the drinks and food she ordered were "taking too long". Before I had the chance to get a word in, she stormed out and said she would never come back. I didn't get the chance to inform her that she hadn't ordered yet. FML
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This is why I avoid working in the service industry. I couldn't deal with that much stupidity on a daily basis.


This is true. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it helps...

No one tips in Australia anyway so at least they're not getting punished for the customers stupidness.

Money doesn't buy happiness? Sir, I've never seen anyone frown in a Lamborghini.

actually we do tip in Australia if you het awesome service learn the facts. don't pull a blonde moment

Trust me 55 it's very rare tipping in Australia, I work in a restaurant also doing home deliveries for them as well. Many of my customers are repeat customers and even ask me to be their server or delivery driver and 1 in 20 tip.

@55 - Haha. How about YOU look at the facts? We don't tip unless it is exceptional service because our system isn't like in the USA where servers are expected to make up their wages with tips. Plus, the person above me corroborated what I said. So who's "pulling a blonde moment" now?

Lol before you comment on people being ignorant, you should check your grammar. Aka it's "too" not "to".

9, you should get that burning checked. Could be the irony... or it could be herpes. Better safe than sorry!

You're gonna need some aloe green for that burn from #9

Not agreeing with the totally rude customer and if she hadn't ordered yet she was obviously confused if she was yelling about her food but she was probably waiting a long time for OP to take her order.. It's not really wrong of her to be angry because either way she was (probably) waiting for a while. Just an observation.


This is why I avoid working in the service industry. I couldn't deal with that much stupidity on a daily basis.

That's what makes it fun most of the time.

#3 stupidity is when a customer asks if this scone is suitable for veggies, then goes on to ask the same about spaghetti. I was like "No, sorry our pasta is made from bacon"

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Some people don't have a choice and have to work in service. As for the scone/spaghetti thing, I'm sure those who ask wonder if the spaghetti comes with meat sauce or meatballs, which is a legitimate question for a veg*an to ask. As for you, OP, interesting that the woman didn't even wait for an answer as to why it was taking so long. But she probably would have gotten mad at a calm "You haven't ordered yet, ma'am."

Nope, it was a cream sauce. They were asking about the pasta.

Pasta typically is made with eggs. Vegans don't eat eggs. Therefor, you're an ignorant douchebag and your customer was 100% right. And cream sauce isn't suitable for vegans either. It contains, at least hopefully, cream, which is a dairy product and not vegan.

I work at a theater where I can easily get a hundred customers or more in a single hour. The ratio between polite, intelligent customers and rude, ignorant customers is truly frightening.

1. It has nothing to do with what sauce it was. 2. Eggs are not common in pasta making, most dry pastas don't contain egg. Which includes spaghetti. 3. Please get all facts straight before, trying to back up retarded customers.

Was she an older lady is what I want to know. Older people tend to forget easily

I have a feeling you're at the age where 30 is "old".

Old is generally 60+ and as far as I know it always has been. So before you assume for no reason, be sure you actually know the type of person you're talking to

I believe the sarcasm was quite obvious. No need to add that last bit

It was with most FMLers Today, They tend to mistake Sarcasm as Seriousness.

Why the randomly capitalized words 34?

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They probably capitalize FML when they write it, just as I do, so my phone automatically does it if I write it.

Could've been worse. She could've complained to your boss and gotten you fired, like all those other FML's you see.

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see you next week Tuesday.SSDD

Yes Tuesday does happen once a week, every week, scary that!

I'm curious as to what she was doing that made her forget to order.