By The Soul Of A Damned Queef - 31/01/2015 04:04 - United States - Dublin

Today, after telling my husband he can send me dirty texts any time, he sent me one from work. It said, "Babe when I get home, I'm gonna go 9/11 on your pussy ;)". I'm still not sure he understands why that was so offensive. FML
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You told him 'dirty'. Now only your definition of dirty has to match with his definition!

XBurytheCastleX 25

At least he tried.


You told him 'dirty'. Now only your definition of dirty has to match with his definition!

She's lucky he didn't take a hundred different pictures of his **** instead!

josace 9

Isn't that the truth haha *sarcastic but annoyed eye roll*

XBurytheCastleX 25

At least he tried.

How is that offensive?..

DanielleD93 16

Stay in school...

He's just stating that not only is the sex going to be fun, but it's going to patriotic, you know, seeing that he's commemorating the dreadful events that transpired that morning, but hey that's just my understanding.

im_a_black_guy 10

Nothing like fun patriotic sex, with the national anthem playing in the background, and the sounds of bald eagles soaring over head

OP: ...and I'm gonna go all Seal Team 6 on you if you ever send me a text like that again.

llamarrama01 21

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Your not very smart are you

IAmzephyr 22


@12 Neither are you.

They're still dying? I had no idea

Yes, they are still dying from exposure to silica dust from the crumbled walls and smoke. It causes lung cancer, as well as other very painful chronic conditions. At least inform yourselves before judging.

#12 excuse me, I mean people are not still dying from that and I thought it was a stupid comment so keep going around acting like and ass

^ I didn't read the after effects part.

He apparently thought your comment was stupid. People are in fact still dying from health complications of 9/11.

Well shit, ok I was wrong

cryssycakesx3 22

apparently a lot of them damaged their lungs from the smoke, dust, dirt, etc. he's not an idiot, he's right, the first responders are still dying from it. research before comment.

dereksboo44 16

@12 You're**** If you plan on calling someone stupid, at least know basic grammar.

llamarrama01 21

I honestly don't know why I got so many down votes. Guess I'm the only one on the ******* site who personally has seen the effects of it. Excuse the **** out of me for not finding his joke about 9/11 funny. My dad was one of the lucky first responders who didn't get too many health problems from it, unlike a lot of people who got cancer and long term, terminal effects from it. So no, I'm not stupid and I do not take back what I originally said. And thank you to those who did defend me.

pittyfullpeople 9

Are they?

I honestly don't understand why this is getting so many downvotes?!?!?!

Silica and Asbestos exposure will affect most of the people who inhaled any large amount of the dust from the collapses. Even with one smaller exposure asbestos can cause asbestosis and then mesothelioma (cancer)

#31 you are #12... and your grammar sucks.

I'd thought I'd seen stupid before, but izzy took it to another level past potato.

Really, people are still dying from after 14 years? That's a long time to still be on the brink of death.

@51, I actually genuinely didn't know that about the after effects of breathing in all the harmful substances. Nonetheless, still something that will forever be a tragedy whether it's been 14 years or 40. Thank you for your Dad's service, and I'm glad he got out relatively unscathed. He's a hero going into that building with no guarantees on his own well-being. Sacrifice is truly the most beautiful form of humanity there is.

@121, In my opinion, you had both ample time and examples to read of why people are indeed still dying after 14 years; before posting this asinine comment.

What’s Osama Bin Laden’s fave drink? A double Manhattan

Why would he think you would want a terrorist attack on your ******?

It's a direct attack on Bush.

Ohhh, ho ho ho! That was a good 'un, 25!

"She has a bomb pussy. I'm ready to attack, so I let my middle into her cave looking for Osama and deploy a million white soldiers on Iraq."

#73, You're trying too hard, bud.

tantanpanda 26

that was the funniest comment I've read in awhile, 25.

@73, I do not think you're talking about the same 9/11 as we are. There was no cave. You know, the towers and the planes? Yeah, that one.

He was trying to be funny.

But slightly failed.

Only slightly, at least.

AirBusDriver 23

Wonder if "Shock and Awe" would have done the trick? Bam!

Were you there? Had family die? If no, there's no way that was offensive to you. Get over yourself and enjoy the sex.

sammyjanette 17

So we can't be offended by someone making jokes about a day in history where 3,000+ innocent people were killed?

cadillacgal79 32

10-How would you know if any of OPs family wasn't in the Towers the day of the attack? It's not the most common assumption, but I'd rather have someone assume than say "shut up and enjoy the sex"

JohnTheDonJuan 11

#10 was saying if not then shut up and enjoy the sex. Which is a valid point. You're wayyyy too sensitive if something like that comment upsets you. It was almost a decade and a half ago, can we stop crying about it already. I think as Americans we have been playing the 9/11 card for far too long. Look at the atrocities that transpire everyday in other countries, are they hoisting it up as the worst thing ever for the next 15 years? Nope, in fact the rest of the world seems to bounce back and carry on remarkably faster than us. Yeah, the shit was tragic and I'm all for remembering it on that day every year, but for God's sake can we put it to bed now?

cryssycakesx3 22

21, he said, "...had family die *question mark* *if* not.. " don't put words in his mouth.

26 I guess you don't know anyone that is/was a first responder. People are still dying from me after affects of the dust and debris that was in the air that day. That attack brought this country to its knees. December 7, 1941 (attack on Pearl Harbor) is it still talked about as devastating. So a decade and a half isn't that long to be still talking about something.

JohnTheDonJuan 11

Actually I knew 4 people that lost their lives that morning. I've dealt with my grief and can appreciate the fact that op's husband was making a joke. He wasn't intending to offend anyone, so nobody should take offense. Stop being so over sensitive about it. It doesn't make you any more patriotic, compassionate, or decent to get all worked up everytime somebody makes a joke about it that isn't quite your taste.

"Look at the atrocities that transpire every day in other countries". World Trade centers aren't blown up in other countries.

Nah whole towns are in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.....

Coffeemarc 6

You don't have to have lost someone or known someone who did to take offense at that. It trivializes it. At the very least it's a completely bizarre thing to say.

Octwo 16

Being offended means nothing. Was it in bad taste? yes. Is it disrespectful to those struggling with the after effects? yes. But offensive? Please get over yourself.

im_a_black_guy 10

That kinda sounds like something someone would say before rape #10

Completely agree

He gonna make dat pussay collapse!!

You deserve more up votes!