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Today, when I picked up my repeat subscription of anti-anxiety medication, they had changed the packaging to be more 'child safe'. Now it's so hard to get the pills out that I had an anxiety attack trying to take one. FML
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MuffyStJacques 0

I think all negative commenters need to read up on anxiety disorders before they come to a conclusion of 'stop being a pussy'. Trust me, I'd love to not take meds and be normal for once in my life. But, my brain isn't like everyone else's. Gladly I haven't had a panic attack in over a year because of my medication. It's nothing to joke around with. Some people can lose motor functions because of panic attacks. I literally went blind from a panic attack once. If those who make fun of people with a mental illness had to live in their bodies, they would feel like utter shit. Just had to get that off my chest because I've suffered for years trying to find a way to control my disorder.

18 - Anxiety is no laughing matter. I know a few people who have anxiety attacks and/or panic disorder. Something so small can trigger an attack; it doesn't mean they're a pussy.


Don't worry, be happy!

He needs drugs for that. :P

Wow op, you seem to've made a mistake in posting your FML. It says you're a man, but that can't possibly be right. :)

gutzz 0

Side effects may include being a pussy.

Krajjan 9

Exhibit 1 of what is wrong with society. My Korean War vet grandfather accidentally lobs off a finger, he wraps it up and gets back to work. You accidentally give yourself a papercut, you need heavy doses of anti-psychotics to keep from dying of sheer terror at the sight of a drop of blood. Whatever happened to 'man up and deal with it'?

18 - Anxiety is no laughing matter. I know a few people who have anxiety attacks and/or panic disorder. Something so small can trigger an attack; it doesn't mean they're a pussy.

ignorance... anxiety attack is very serious, people who suffer one have a nervous and mental disorder. It means that they can suffer one any time it doesn't matter what the trigger is

So, due to the drugs you con perpetuate wimpiness. You should not reproduce. More so, since you are not smart enough to transfer the pills to another bottle.

Congratulations, 21, on your profound ignorance.

Allegedcranium - Due to your ignorance, you should not reproduce. Further, if they hadn't gotten the bottle open yet due to their panicking, how would they be able to transfer the medication to another bottle? Think before you speak. Maybe OP did transfer the medication to a new bottle AFTER they got it open.

Autoshot 9

Nah, I agree with 21. Society is becoming more and more pathetic. It's time to nut up or shut up.

I agree with you. A lot of people these days are a bunch of pussies who can't deal with anything without some kind medication at their reach or whatever. Its so sad.

MuffyStJacques 0

Actually, you shouldn't speak if you haven't had anxiety attacks constantly. it literally feels like the brink of death. I used to get them so badly it felt like my arms were on fire and my legs would go numb. It's chemically induced on the brain. I don't know if OP has that sort of problem, though.

21 what are you talking about? OP said nothing about fear of blood or getting a paper cut.

a_cassie 4

op, that's very ironic, don't you think?

21: yeah, well, at least OP didn't slaughter innocent Asian civilians in Korea or 'Nam like your granddad.

99- sounds like OCD.

115 thats the whole point hun -_-

Of course it seems society complains about these things more because they're discussed in the open rather than kept inside, allowing them to fester before you have a mental breakdown. You cannot control a panic attack, as it's an involuntary response. There are methods to deal with it, but telling someone to man up only exposes your complete lack of understanding on human physiology.

CommonSenseKarma 17

I want to watch every critic try to "suck it up" through a MENTAL DISORDER, chemicals in the brain that CANNOT be altered without MEDICATION. Furthermore, none of you have pancake mix. Like, seriously, you gots no mix a'tall.

Gah I love the conversations on here! makes me laugh :) and... 44- just so you know it's illegal to put pills in a bottle without the proper labeling. I know people do it, but it's still not smart lol. And as a person with severe anxiety and depression, attacks can happen anytime. Just one tiny tigger and cause a severe emotional breakdown. So I understand OP cuz I've had panic attacks over not finding my cellphone or car keys. Stupid reason, but hey it happens. Everyone just has to learn to not let the little things bother them. It's what the medicine helps to do. :)

dont give up op....unless they made the bottle out of titanium, you can maybe take out some of that emotion on breaking open the bottle. i could suggest a hacksaw, but get creative with it. like the first poster here says....dont worry and be happy. goodluck with the safety seal, but dont fret over it. lol. use a hammer, and keep em in a ziploc if u have no kids.

68 You should learn to read: OP said "Now it's so hard to get the pills out that I had an anxiety attack trying to take one." "HARD to get the pills out" implies that he could get them out. OP did not say that he couldn't get them out.

*sniff* Does anyone smell that? It smells like ignorance to me...

BugsBunny1 4

208- You are the ignorant one! You should know ignorance has no smell!

195/cranium - Yes, it's so hard to get the pills out which resulted in the panic attack. Exactly. It didn't say they didn't get them out at all, which is the point I was trying to make, dumb-ass. You obviously didn't read my full comment.

Im_so_redneck 0

anxiety disorder isn't a joke, I have it too.

Numbers 18, 21, 44, 69, and 78- You are all so FUCKING stupid. Ignorance at its finest, folks.

A lot of people are being ignorant. You don't know what it feels like to have an anxiety attack. It makes you feel like everything is being closed in on you.

Then get a hammer.

That's how all the children are getting into the 'child proof' medicine bottles. Good ol hammers. :D

Ask MC Hammer to open it for you? / really shitty joke.

Terrible joke.

MC Hammer couldn't open a pill bottle..... Hell, he can't even touch it! (that was an even worse joke)

MC Hammer is too legit for pill bottles.

Why not just use your previous casing for your pills? Easy isn't it?

BugsBunny1 4

Yeah! Once OP actually gets the bottle open.

kameryn25 3


Don't put the lid back on and store it up high.

ydi for being insane, op

you're fucking retarded^

PrincessesCrown 17

No she has a good point.

Did they prescribe you some chill pills?

SmelloJello 9

Ummmmm... learn to read directions?

You obviously haven't tried to do something under high levels of stress.

Or maybe he just handles stress better?

Justice4None 0

168 took the words right out of my mouth... mental stress is in the mind. I don't know anyone who lives out in BFE by me who has panic attacks... too busy actually doing real work and not sitting around trying to think of things to freak out about

Er, I have panic attacks and my job is manual labour. Why do you think that you have to sit around in order to have a panic attack?

holymolybro 0

OMG. Don't feel bad, I'm having anxiety attacks too. Took about thirty minutes to get some stupid yogurt.

Your picture is awesome.

lol yeah I love the monkey

Jrefinne 7

Just breathe.

just keep swimming~

Guess someone needs to start wearing diapers again...

RebelSoccer94 0

You are a fucking asshole. Do some research and try again.

126, you're a dumb ass. anxiety attacks can lead to less control over the bladder. I'm a kid and I know that.

CommonSenseKarma 17

191, I'm VERY sure that 11 has no idea what you're referring to, and posted his comment with entirely different intentions than informing on the literal use of diapers in a realistic manner.

damn those child proof caps!!