By anxiety - 16/11/2011 05:11 - United States

Today, I had an anxiety attack because I thought I'd lost my anxiety medication. It ended up being on the shelf right where I left it. FML
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right next to your memory pills?

Oh delicious irony. You taste so good but cause so much pain.


right next to your memory pills?

haha classic you win one.

Well why wouldn't you look where you last put it?

If op remembered where they put it last, they wouldn't have 'lost' it in the first place..

It's not even that. The anxiety attack was caused by the IDEA that she didn't put them in the right place. A split second thought can cause an attack. It's not like she ransacked her house looking before panicking.

Well I'm stupid..

Stay in school.

Oh delicious irony. You taste so good but cause so much pain.

Isn't it I-R-O-N-IC!

You need thought file therapy (TFT). Look it up. My wife used to suffer from anxiety attacks, she was completely cured in three sessions (well enough to cope after a single session).

you can't cure anxiety. only treat the symptoms.

20- The symptom of anxiety disorder is anxiety. If you treat the symptom, you're pretty well off.

Actually, I have anxiety disorder, and the medicines I tried didn't work and I tried therapy- didn't work.

You deserved it! Why didn't you just look there in the first place...? -.-

READ the fucking FML. OP did not remember where she put it.

Just put em in ur pocket

Oh the irony! Hope they make a pill for that too.

Usually louis has them...

Oh, the irony...