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Today, we had to discuss our heritage at school. When I told the class that I'm German, Japanese, and of the Jewish faith, my teacher laughed at the "irony." Something like this always happens whenever I tell people my background. FML
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Damn son, sounds like an orgy gone wrong.

Just tell him you're going to go Samurai Nazi all over his tuchus.


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Oh the irony. :) I really feel bad for OP. I know that if I met a German Jew I would sure as hell say something like "Hey Hitler is it Hanukah already?" or maybe "So are you planning to assassinate yourself today?

That's because you're not funny and kind of an idiot.

@EmoGiana saying anything like that would just be beyond rude/offensive. Also, German Jews aren't anything like an oddity. A huge percentage of Jews are also German, especially those who emigrated to America.

im a german polish jew, want to tell a ignorant racist joke now

if you had paid attention in history class you would have learned that Hitler was, in fact, Jewish.

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@56: German Jews (Jews living in Germany) were the people that Hitler was after, the original sufferers in the Holocaust. Your jokes would only be [situationally but not socially] appropriate if you were talking to a half-German half-Jew. And they aren't funny. So go away.

I would if I thought you would understand it. :D

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Thank you, #148. I wish people would use their brain before commenting. German Jews (and later Jewish people from neighbouring countries) were the ones being persecuted, so I can't see how it is "ironic" being a German Jew. It basically suggests that the German Jews were the nazis, who persecuted the Jews. The Japanese were allies of Germany in WWII, yes, but had nothing to do with the Jewish persecution, so that isn't ironic either.

um 56 Hitlers father was a Jew or was of the Jewish faith.

if you also pay even more attention that is said to be a rumor. along with a bunch of other things like a jew doctor being at fault for his mother's death etc.

no really? I didn't notice the irony! :l why else would it be an FML dumb ass???

Hey op, don't worry about what people say about ur background. **** them. :)

Damn son, sounds like an orgy gone wrong.

Really you're going to complain about a joke? I'm German Irish Indian Italian french Jew and American. Who gives a **** I get jokes about it hell I even make jokes about it. It just means you're a mutt. WOO penny pinching Nazis sitting in my TP drinking beer back handing you with my hands while I rage about you not liking my love poems. stereotyping is fun.

Yeah, OP. Your heritage is a huge part of who you are, so be proud of it! Hell, I'm German, Jewish, Irish, Italian, and Black. It's weird, but I'm not complaining. It happens!

What is Jewish explain to me? Because the way it is portrayed as, it looks as if it's a race not a religion. Would that mean there are people of Muslim, Christian, hindu, etc decent?

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"Jewish" can refer both to the religion and to the race. For example, I'm Jewish by race but not by religion. So you can be of Jewish decent if your parents are Jewish by race. But people can't be Christian, Muslim, etc by race.

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-.-... Jewish is not a race. That's just what the nazis wanted people to think. Jews were a persecuted people, yes, but they're not a race. It's too early to go into it, but google might help.

never seen an italian black guy who in you're family's italian and about how much percent are you

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Biologically speaking none of this classifications are "races" seeing as we are the Human race and can breed successfully.

No Jewish is not a race, were they classified as a race before the holocaust? Or were they Jews in the sense of what they believed in? Understand it...otherwise people might as well be of Christian or Muslim decent.

"Jewish" is not a separate "race" (race is such an outdated term to begin with). You might be thinking of 'Semitic', which includes Israeli, Iraqi, Arabs, Assyrians, Akkadians, etc., more related through language than necessarily by ethnicity. There are also the Khazars, who adopted Judaism as a religion but ethnically are more related to Turks and Mongols -- they are certainly a group apart! For that matter, Albert Einstein, while born into a family that was nominally Jewish, was also of German ancestry and he probably thought of himself as German before he thought of himself as Jewish.

We are human species, of different races.

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I just don't even get how this is an FML. It's not like OP is IN WWII; and it's actually kind of cool to tell people.

Susieee_Q 9

I just don't even get how this is an FML. It's not like OP is IN WWII; and it's actually kind of cool to tell people.

127 if you want to debate then where is your proof, your experts, or anything other than YOUR word to support your conentions hmmm?

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Jewish IS a race and religion. Some racial traits of Jews include bigger brains, bigger noses, lower life expectancy, higher chance of Tay-Sachs but lower chance of Aids or alcoholism. As with all races, there are both negative and positive traits. There is a lot of intermarriage between Jews and has been for many years which gives Jews these racial characteristics. In many Jewish communities, it might be frowned upon for a Jew to marry a non-Jew. Also, I want to say that I am Jewish by religion and race.

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Jewish IS a race AND a religion. And they don't necessarily go hand in hand. The Jewish race and the Jewish religion are separate. I'm sure you know the "Jews have big noses" notion. Being Jewish by religion isn't going to give you a big nose, being Jewish by race is. You could be religiously Jewish and be any race, in the same way you can be racially Jewish and of any religious beliefs.

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@105: while you are right in saying that humans are all one race, the actual reason for that is that all humans alive today are from the same subspecies; however, different subspecies, while being different races, CAN breed and produce viable offspring, and even different species within the same genus can reproduce, though their offspring is infertile. @OP: that's kind of ironic i suppose, but messed up that your teacher laughed, and honestly it's not that funny anyway, so FYL

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Jews are an ethnoreligious group, which means that they are an ethnic group who shares religious views. Danny is right, they're not a race. After the World War II, UNESCO issued a statement called "The Race Question", this statement had the purpose of debunking racist theories that had been used as a base for the Nazi racial policies. The fifth point of their statement says: "To most people, a race is any group which they choose to describe as a race. Thus, many national, religious, geographic, linguistic or cultural groups have, in such loose usage, been called 'race', when obviously Americans are not a race, nor are Englishmen, nor are Frenchmen, nor any other national group. Catholics, Protestants, Moslems and Jews are not races... People who live in Iceland or England or India are not races; nor are people who are culturally Turkish or Chinese..." So, mimiroxii3, you should do your research. If you're going to claim something as a fact, at least give some proof of it.

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I don't think you understood my comment, I'm not saying that you don't know that Americans, Englishmen and Frenchmen are not races, that was part of the quote I put for you 'cause you're too lazy to do your research. After that part it says "Catholics, Protestants, Moslems and Jews are not races". You said that you did your research but you can't even bother saying where you found your info. You said that you're not going to write an essay and that you don't want to type, but yet you keep replying to say the same damn things; you could have used that typing to explain your point. If you just googled the words 'Jewish' and 'race', you would find many Jewish websites saying that they're not a race, their reasoning is that Jews don't share one common ancestry.

lol American isn't a race you tard, and is that Indian or native American cuz I take offense to that

Sinkhole 26

No one said they are, you obviously have no reading comprehension. Try reading the comments at least three times and if you still don't understand what they say, just refrain from replying.

Judaism is the name of the religion, lmao. The ignorance in these replies makes me feel a bit sad. I agree with sinkhole, who has actually provided sources and reasoning rather than call others tards.

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Please continue the flame war it's quite entertaining.

Sinkhole 26

You clearly lack reading comprehension, read my first comment again, it says "To most people, a race is any group which they choose to describe as a race." If you visit some popular Jewish websites, you'll see that they say that they're not a race, probably the people you say that call themselves a race is people just like you, who haven't bothered finding info about it.

Well done 65. You've created a paradox. I'm impressed :D

Jewish is a race AND a religion. but if you really want to know stop fighting about in the comment section of FML and find out for yourselves. it's called google, USE IT.

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I'm German japanese too and just the other day a guy hitler saluted me. and then screamed a Japanese battle cry. and I took it as a joke and did the same, lighten up! yeesh

Family Guy said Optimus Prime was Jewish, and he came from a different planet! :o

A bit late to the party here, this comment being for anyone who stumbles upon this FML as I have. Judaisim is a religion not a race. To that matter, DNA testing has proved there is no such thing as race, an Arab can be closer in DNA to someone of Celtic descent then another Arab. There is only religion, nationality, and ethnicity. Religion being one's beliefs, nationality being their current nation and/ or nation of birth, and ethnicity being tge nation(s) one's ancesters came and the region one's ancesters or one is from. For example the Slavic people represent an ethnicity from eastern Europe.

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I think that's everyone's story nowadays. Nobody I know is "pure" anything.

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I know a few but it's pretty rare, especially in the US.

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You're both missing the point completely...Germany and Japan were 2 of the Axis powers (the enemy) in WWII, and Nazi Germany is more or less known for the persecution of the Jews in the Holocaust. Take a history class for cryin out loud... And OP, that's pretty ironic.

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It's not ironic. Before the Holocaust, there were tons of Jews in Germany. Therefore there were many German Jews. Yes the nazis went after Jews all over Europe, but some of the first targets were the ones in Germany. So how's it weird that OP is a German Jew? The Japanese thing isn't too weird either. I think we've moved past the racist practice of forbidding interracial marriages.

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please read my comment on this post.

43, Not everyone is interested in history classes. I understood the reference, but if I didn't, I still wouldn't "go take a history class for crying out loud."

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haha right? we got the point before OP finished the fml

#3 You should come here one day and see lots of ''pure-blooded'' people. Most of my friends are 100% Estonian. Or Russian. I'm 50% Estonian, 50% Scottish, and pleased with it :D Oh and mm...I know I'm prolly going to get loads of thumb downs for this, but why do people say 'not everyone is interested in history lessons', 'don't tell me to learn history' etc? There's this saying here in Estonia that goes (a very rough and lousy translation): Who doesn't remember the past, lives without a future. There's a reason why schools teach history to children. Why shouldn't we study it? According to your logic, should we get rid of geography, foreign languages, social studies etc as well? Just because some people are too lazy and stupid?

Then don't read it. The power is yours!

Then don't read it. The power is yours!

#132 Beats me. Anyway, it just occurred to me that people think it's funny that the OP is German and Jewish (well, and Japanese). But when someone is, say, half Russian and half Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian, no one gives a fk. Germany was anti-Semitic for only a decade or so (when Hitler was the Führer), but Russia has occupied the Baltic States for centuries and created more damage than the Nazi ever did.

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@42: No, it's not rare in the US. There are plenty of "pure-blooded" children of recent immigrants or immigrants themselves, from Europe, Asia, and Africa. There are also some pure Native Americans. It's only rare for people whose ancestors have been here a long time.

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139- Germany was only anti Semitic for a decade? Really? That whole region was basically always anti Semitic for hundreds (if not more) years. Poland wasn't any better. My grandfather couldn't even go outside by himself in Poland back then because of the incredible Jew hatred.

#152 I said:"when Hitler was the Führer"↲ Heaven knows Jews have been persecuted for centuries in many countries.

51, just looking at you picture and reading your post assures me that not everyone is interested in history classes because of a quote I heard a long time ago, "he's all bronze and no brains"

don't worry I'm Japanese and German 2. although I'm not a Jew

Think positive, at least people know a little about WW II.

Your parents didn't know a lot about history, did they? :p

You must have suicidal tendences! because of course all germans are nazis, and all japanese are pro nazis. and all jews have their jew gold strapped around their neck. *stupid jerk power off*

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not all Germans are Nazis I'm of German decent and none of my family worships Hitler

Calenzelon - T3P is right. All Germans are Nazis. Your family just happens to be good at hiding it. I'd have a serious talk with them about it, because I'm sure your initiation (repeated anal violation with a frozen kielbasa) is coming up soon.

dude, have you heard about... what's that called again? ow yeah, SARCASM!

I thought it was done with a red-hot Swastika... well, I may be wrong ^^

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Wow, talk about all sides of world war two...

now he must have sex with a Russian!

Animeninja117 2

That HAS to be awesome cuz then he'll be superior with super-human genetics O.O

or all the bad sides of all of these countries...

Animeninja117 2

So then he'd be... oh my god.... he'd be the hulk! O.O

Same here...Im Israeli (jew) , German and Native American. In high school, people were like whoa....its like an internal battle. No, its not. Really.

that, to me would be a very interesting heritage to have simply because of the way the different branches of family tree went through very different events, but in the end all at some point were victims to some major stereotyping.