By Anonymous - 27/01/2017 18:00

Today, I told my girlfriend that I miss the amazing sex life we used to have, as we haven't had sex in months. She accidentally blurted out, "Well, I've still got one." It seems our neighbour has taken over my role in the bedroom. FML
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She took love thy neighbor a little too seriously

...time for a new girlfriend


She took love thy neighbor a little too seriously

Ouch. That sucks. Im sorry

I hope you mean EX-... Ugh, I can't do it!

Sure you can; you write stupid and meaningless comments all the time!

I write creative and meaningful comments. You just don't like them. I don't waste everyone's time with "Aw, I'm sorry," "That sucks," and "I hope you mean ex-girlfriend." You're free to do that -- seems about right for you.

...time for a new girlfriend

I really hope you are the primary owner of your home. if you consigned it could be messy. And if it is primarily hers than you can't really take my suggestion for a fact unless you like serious repercussions. but I really think that, if were you, I'd probably take all her shit and throw on the curb and tell my cheating twatwaffle of a SO they'd better be quick and get their stuff before they're sharing more than their genitals with the neighbors. Also, I'd tell them good luck on finding a new place and it's a shame all good things must come to an end and my only regret is it wasn't months ago. Bye Felicia. (yes, I can be a petty bitch sometimes. but with a cheater, c could ya blame a person? )

Maybe she'll move in with the neighbour. Wouldn't that be awkward unless OP has a nice big fence between them.

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Sorry to hear that. :( Dump her ass.

I don't think that's necessary. She has beaten him to the punch.

I doubt her saying she's screwing the neighbor was blurted out accidentally.

The audacity of her. WOW, you think you know someone & then this happens.

I'm really sorry but I guess the wording of this post makes no sense to me.. how do you infer from that quote that she's cheating with the neighbour or even having sex at all?

Well I answered my own question

Apparently you can't provide the essentials... i bet it all started with a cup of sugar