By Anonymous - 04/03/2011 01:52 - United States

Today, I was telling my students that it's unnecessary to put arrows on the bottom of the page to tell me there's work on the back, I check it anyway. At the end of the day, at least 6 kids came up to me asking to change their grade because I forgot to grade the back. They hadn't put arrows. FML
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Well you failed hard. Student Win!


Well you failed hard. Student Win!

teachers like you should get fired

But being fired out of a cannon would be so cool!

24 - It's been done, but no one has survived.

it's not that she didn't see the arrows...she told her students not to use them and then never checked. she's a retard

that should be shot out of a cannon

Way to be a HERP DERP!!

Someone will get it.

what's herp derp people? lol

never mind. urban dictionary told me plenty lol

Haha very good use of teh interwebz

Haha, aaaaawwwwww yeeeaaaaaaah

I hope I didn't need any of those brain cells I just lost from reading this shit.

44 if you lose brain cells from reading something you've got some major problems down the road.

Good job, American education system! Hired another good one!

Mistakes; part of the human condition.

agree with 50

A mistake is one student missed. Not 6, that's negligence.

so?? students love correcting the teacher!!! :)) it makes them feel superior

haha to this day i still feel i have to put arrows on my test, just incase...

I bet you felt like a Dumb Ass lol

Maybe those kids should take your place as the teacher. Considering how many complained, they seem to be well educated in checking the back of test papers, one qualification you don't seem to possess.