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Today, we got our progress reports. My physics teacher wrote that I don't participate in class. My mom got mad and grounded me before I could tell her that I raise my hand in class all the time but my teacher won't call on me cause he can't pronounce my name. FML
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most of our coaches and one or two teachers call us by our last name. Plus i have a few friends who go my their last name, or a nickname and the teachers that usually would call you by your first name call you by the nickname or last name like everyone else.

  ladiidaa  |  0

My eighth grade social studies teacher did that to, "Establish that were were not children, but young adults", or something like that. He added Miss and Mister to it, too, lol. 8D

:l There's a lot of school based tv shows where the students are called by their last name as well.

That's retarded, though, OP. o-o All my teachers butcher at least one name in the class of a student, after awhile, they either don't give a shit, or they try to call on them enough to get the name down. :l

Suuucckkks for you though

  Mauskau  |  35

rofl. there are quite a few stupid names that are almost impossible to pronounce.
OP, why couldn't you've asked your teacher to call you by something else?
EASY to pronounce, maybe?

  thesmartaleck  |  0

It depends on the teacher. It sets a wall of formality between the teacher and the student.

@OP: Your stupid physics teacher should've tried at least. I have one former classmate who always has her teachers stumble on her last name. But they didn't stop trying. Just curious though, what IS your last name?

  Xader  |  0


In high school, a couple teachers called me by my last name, but without "Mr."

Then again, they were also my football coaches...

  Cassmoneyyy  |  15

My English teacher all through Jr. high and high school called us Ms/Mr (insert last name). It's about respect. I thought it was strange at first but actually gained more respect for him, from it.

  OhhxGoshhxAri  |  0

Where I'm from, there's a LOT of kids with names that you can't pronounce. It just depends on your race. My name is simple, but I hear crazy ones a lot. Here's two... Franshelix and Nepthalie. Most teachers can't pronounce those names. One more is Olaoluwa. Yeah...


ur physics teacher is retarded. if he can't pronounce your name have him call you by the first letter or something or just let him pronounce it wrong. if ur just insistent on him saying it exactly right, then YDI

  Lichinamo  |  33

She said that she always raises her hand. In my Excellerated Math class, there's another Jessica and my twin brother. My teacher just calls me 'Jessica the Evil Twin' because I said I'm the evil one.

OP, that sucks :/

By  mastory96  |  0

haha. well what's your name? it can't be worse than some kids in my grade. "Avirajhn", "Muthuramen"... and we also have a stoner whose birth given name is --I swear to god-- Stone. so there's definitely some difference in ease of pronunciation.

  EmmiAnne  |  25

I know this one kid; his parents are total hippies by the way, his full legal name is Laughing Spruce (last name kept out for his sake), but he goes by Spruce.

By  leoofbodom  |  0

i dont get how you let people mess you about like that.. tell them to shut the fuck up and listen. when they get the explanation theyll realise theyve been a cunt and hopefully shut the fuck up. if they still refuse to face the truth then good for them.. if they like bending the truth to win an argument then fine

  RJB  |  0

Well this really isnt a 10 year old site, I had a friend like that who was younger then I was and thought cursing was cool and basically used all the curse words, back then Cunt wasnt a popular one and was barely used by teenagers and now ten year olds are using it..ugh who the fuck infected the gene pool...

By  aaaaa2p  |  0

... Lack of participation in class is, frankly, a pathetic excuse to get mad. If you're getting good grades, class participation doesn't mean shit.

  DrSamba  |  7

In some courses, class participation is a mandatory preparation for one's career. Imagine having a criminal trial lawyer who "didn't participate in class". See you in prison!