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Today, I got written up for asking my coworker a question that I should have asked my boss to ask my coworker. Yay bureaucracy. FML
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If they want to be inefficient that's their choice.

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It's weird that rules like that are so strictly enforced...


If they want to be inefficient that's their choice.

it depends on the question. it may prevent a law suit.

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Yeah I can't help thinking a little context could change everyone's perspective on the matter. like if the question was "can you stop being a ******* idiot and do your job?" perhaps it isn't your place to tell your coworker what to do. If your coworker is doing something wrong you should be alerting your boss and not taking matters into your own hands. Stop complaining for not following procedure and stop acting like you're the boss (If that is the case)

cjwayy 22

It's weird that rules like that are so strictly enforced...

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I know right? I mean what was that damn question... It couldn't have been THAT bad...

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It always seems there are rules that make absolutely no sense, but that come back and bite you in the ass if you don't abide!! Fyl,op!!

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Thats a really good plan, quit every job when you have a disagreement with your boss

I agree! After all, jobs are easy to get. Everyone is hiring nowadays.

Everyones hiring? Where the **** do you live and when can I move my box there?

zevo1415 10

Boy that sarcasm sure is hard to figure out

I'm confused by that reply, the first half screams "SARCASM NOT ACCEPTED" but then you threw in the box joke and totally messed me up. Do you not get it and live in a box with internet connection? Or do you get it and just want to be sassy about it?

OP can just get into the job cannon and be at a new job.

Workplaces sometimes have the most stupid rules!

It might have been something that OP didn't have the authority to ask, like if they could operate a piece of machinery or sign off on something.

... I'm confused as to why my comment was taken so poorly. It was just a theory. Damn... tough crowd...

#62 because who would ask their coworker for permission for something?

17-But I don't have a staple to staple my 6 pages together to ask for more staples! I'm screwed now :(

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62- it said they should have let their boss ask their coworker... There's more to it than asking a coworker's permission that's just stupid.

I feel your pain buddy. Same in my company. It just sucks

unrelated but... did I maı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨k you wipe your screen?