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Today, we finally got wireless Internet. My mom won't let us open any doors or windows in fear that it might "let the Internet out". It's 103 degrees in here. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

"Mom, can I let the internet outside for a pee?" "NOOOO! Never do that under any circumstances!"


johnson94 5

I'm a Texan but thank God the south didn't win the civil war!

OP's mom is abso-*******-lutely retarded

I lol'd, and that hasn't happened in a while on FML xD

rallets 22

i dont think it matters what the temperature was, its the fact that your mom thinks the internet can escape outside thats stupid ..and hilarious lol

37 the polite word is re re. The OPs mom is a re re.

Well, if we look on the positive side you haven't lost your Internet!

79- No. "Re re" is not a word, and it makes you look stupid.

I meant has the op heard of going outside

Wow, 103 degrees celsius/fahrenheit. The average of that is pretty damn much.

if it was 103° Celsius, he would have much more to worry about than the internet 'escaping'. Or nothing, I suppose, considering he'd be long dead.

yeah and 97 your picture makes you look stupid so shut up

zendaddy0 0

or let anything else that your mom has trapped out........

are u to stupid HAHAHA celcius he would die u fucktard.

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Now you can work on getting AC..unless that will escape too.

72. The Internet can escape outside. the fact that OP's mom thinks she can lock it is what is stupid.

Is your mom by any chance a blonde redneck from Nebraska?

Looks like someones parent is a high school dropout.

iTerrorized 4

Explain how your wifi modem works to the dumb bitch. ;)

alexg823 0

Nowadays, the internet penetrates walls! :D

This is the first FML to make me actually laugh out loud in forever.

264 - I replied to the comment just above mine...

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I am absolutely in awe of your picture dude, that is just total awesomeness. u have me respect haha

^^^@pertained (damn iPod didn't register the typing >:I)

Your mother is technologicaly challenged. (Pardon the possible misspelling)

Talk about being technologically incompetent!

oh! look! there goes the internet again... get the butterfly net!! *sigh* now i'll be out all day chasing the internet... and the chickens

Where's the FML? You're mum wants to save money, Jerk.

why so many thumbs down, it was a joke, and in my opinion, it was pretty funny

Take into account that people may not have gotten it, they may have a different sense of humour or it just wasn't all that great a joke. I liked it, though. *thumbs up*

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no that was a pretty retarded joke.

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yeah i thought it was funny. nobody has a sense of humour any more...

OMG I'm ashamed.. :( Autocorrect ****** my grammar.

kyrakupkakke 4

lol YEAH!!!!! Cus I sure did laugh :P Mom's aren't that stupid lol, Plus they get hot too.

Leatherandlace 0

Grammar is the one remaining bit of structured politeness. I do not take it lightly, and neither should you.

BrittanyPernell6 0

she could just ummmm idk use a password protection his moms dumb n he's dying from heat smarty

you must have lived the fabulous life

I guess on the Internet nobody really likes sarcasm.

I only thumbed it down just to see how low you could go.

thebiz 0

there is no such thing as letting the "internet out". wireless internet goes through walls

WTF !!! Was that supposed to be funny ?? wow ... people today

all I can see is "too many negative votes, comment buried" "too many negative votes, comment buried" grammar Nazis thumbed him down "too many negative votes, comment buried" "too many negative votes, comment buried" seriously, don't hate the users, hate the app.

My mom wants me to sleep in a different room because she thinks the Internet's LED lights will give me cancer.

Some people aren't ready for the internet,5 decades later.

iAmScrubs 19

"Mom, can I let the internet outside for a pee?" "NOOOO! Never do that under any circumstances!"

I know the Internet doesn't actually pee but if it did will the mom just let the Internet pee indoors?

MrSexyPants 14

Excuse me, uhm 180, I'm offended by how similar our names are. Good thing I can find solace in that mine is totally better.

Got_any_grapes1 4

180 is better. I read his info and he lives about 45 mins away from where I do. (juno beach)

if you do that make sure its potty trained ;)

MaskingTape 2

I do that to keep my neighbors from using my Internets. I want it all for myself.

maxschagerstrom 0

retard, the waves goes through the walls anyway.

iAmScrubs 19

I believe MaskingTape was using a joke.

he was being sarcastic to me. he made a laugh a little.

iAmScrubs 19

I know Wayne Stupid of Stupidville. He's a real good guy

iAmScrubs 19

well they live in Stupidville so what should we expect. Everyone there has an IQ that is about the same as MaxChargersTron.

MaskingTape 2

Glad most can see sarcasm as intended. Haha. Now, back to surfing the interwebs.

zendaddy0 0

hey stop saying stupid I don't like the word stupid it's such a stupid word

C-C-C-Combo Breaker! I made an account just to do this.

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that should be an FML itself ^

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lmao. the real FML was in the comments.

#7, when performing the rear naked choke, where your arm bends on the other side of the elbow, is supposed to be around the chin not the neck

itsmeyippie 0

NO! don't surf on the interwebs! You might make the interwebs cause another katrina in New Orleans

ha funny- never mind those idiots saying ur wrong

Naggerass 1

ahaahahaha.. you have no idea how much I laughed when I read this.

Unplug your keyboard and restart your computer. If your problem persists, please contact customer support.

help! there's no any key on the keyboard!

sematariux 7

every one of those comments made me LoL


zendaddy0 0

the any keys right there you just have to click on it

#136 I don't know how many people actually appreciated the cleverness of your puns but I laughed out loud for a long time

If any gets out you will have to chase it with a butterfly net and catch it.

awardZu 0

That's what I was wondering... If it's 103 inside, where the hell is the AC?

Having internets doesn't cost as much as running AC.. Maybe they can't afford AC

I don't have AC either; never have and never will. It's completely unnecessary and with the state of both the economy and the enviroment, I'm surprised so many people still use it.

dmmcintyre3 8

When it's often over 103ºF outside you need it.

Go swimming, plant some trees, turn on a fan if necessary. It got hot before AC was invented and became so widespread; people somehow managed.

sxe_beast 11

Darcy, you were joking right? You don't understand why people wish to live comfortably in their own homes. You don't understand that people can choose to allocate their resources to wherever they want? Um, okay.

I don't have AC either it just seems wrong to pay for cold air

I do understand why people would want it; however, I am stating that it is nowhere near necessary.

If I had to choose between paying for internets and paying for AC I know which one I'd choose!

sxe_beast 11

The internet you're on isn't necessary. The cell phone you probably own isn't necessary. The TV you probably watch/pay for isn't necessary. Nor is the restaurant food you probably enjoy every one in a while. Or the makeup you probably wear. That rabbit in your profile pic isn't necessary. Its up there with fish in uselessness. People like having useless things. FYI, I'm pretty sure the invention of heating and air conditioning has saved a numerous lives (hypothermia and hyperthermia).

No argument against the fact that many things are unnecessary; there was no real need for you to list them. FYI- My original comment, as well as those who commented before me, was originally under the comment that said "priority fail," the comment now listed as #10. Some people have different priorities, and some unnecessary things rank higher on some people's list than others. AC is low on mine and apparently on OP's. Also, I am fairly sure that proper insulation, the use of fireplaces, and cool water has helped as well. The apparently few of us without AC have survived thus far.

sxe_beast 11

"It got hot before AC was invented and became so widespread; people somehow managed." "Also, I am fairly sure that proper insulation, the use of fireplaces, and cool water has helped as well. The apparently few of us without AC have survived thus far." People way back when didn't always have cool water immediately available and proper insulation? There were plenty of ancient "air conditioning" methods that worked to varying success. And by varying success I mean a large amount of people perished due to heat strokes and freezing to death. Air conditioning IS a necessity. There are a multitude of uses for it other than comfort. The surgical operating room, the manufacturing of drugs, transportation of goods, preservation of stuff, refrigeration, making the office with hundreds of people to work in bearable, etc. Most people take it for granted, but the modern world would be completely different without air conditioning as it is now. It has helped propel the world into what is today. Without it the world would be completely different. The entire sun belt would nothing without it. You should watch educational television more often. If you care you can watch this nifty 3 minute History Channel video: This is why it isn't "wrong to pay for cold air". "It's completely unnecessary/I am stating that it is nowhere near necessary" should read as "I personally find no need in air conditioning as I am a hippy and cannot afford it".

'transportation of goods, preservation of stuff, refrigeration' refrigeration is not the same as air conditioning.. 'There were plenty of ancient "air conditioning" methods' which you could still use today if needed.. As for it being a necessity, it terms of personal use in homes it is NOT a necessity. If it was a necessity in homes everyone would have it! I appreciate that in places like hospitals etc it might be necessary.

Fanboy? look at your name -_- if nobody gets it,he's a famous person on YouTube.

DizzyDaydreams 1

Not everyone can afford air conditioning. If it was free the companies would go in debt. Think.

DizzyDaydreams 1

So? Food is a necessity yet not everyone can afford food. Clothes are, but not everyone can. You may live a good life but not everyone can. AC is necessary, but not everyone can have it. If AC was free companies would be in debt. Think.

I have central heating but I haven't used it since I've lived in my house. If it's too hot I open windows and doors or use a fan! If it's cold I put on extra layers. I work in a shop with no AC or heating, sometimes the temp drops below the legal minimum allowed (16 Celsius) I also cycle everywhere so I have to be used to the temp because, unlike cars, bikes have no AC. Also sorry but OP lives in NEBRASKA where the average temp is less than 30c in the height of summer! We get that here and hardly any one has AC!! The hottest it's EVER been in Nebraska is 48c. OP just need to open a window and they'll be fine!

229, you obviously haven't actually been reading mrsdarcy's posts. what she's saying is that she PERSONALLY doesn't find air conditioning IN HOMES to be a necessity - and she's right, it isn't, plenty of people manage without it. she wasn't talking about any other use for it, so alternative situations where ac is a necessity are beside the point (but just a tip, if you want to list "uses of a/c other than for comfort", don't include "offices"). i might be wrong, but i'm pretty sure she also said that was her opinion and that other people may prioritise differently. so all in all, none of your argument actually relates to what she said.

@229, Stop writing freakin books on FML.

jj05 0

that's a major priority fail. why do you have wireless Internet, but no air conditioning?

maybe they need the Internet in order to find a job so they can get AC

FreebirdIII 1

The Internet works better between 70 - 80* F. Thought everyone knew that. duh.

Mabey cos wirless is cheaper? and that they din't need one because the had enough air coming in form the outside. How were they supose to know their mother was going to be so stupid.

neither one of those are absolute necessities. so neither one is higher on a list of priorities.

blondiethel 0

They probably live somewhere where the wind blows in (through the windows) during summer so they dont need an air conditioner.

deweybig 0

I with #10, get ac. Then open the windows and doors.

Erm yeah, AC doesn't really work if you have your windows and doors open..

itsmeyippie 0

I agree with the 2 above, but how does #10's comment come close to relating to yours? it mentions a butterfly net, not AC

itsmeyippie 0

whoops go ahead and down vote that, I read #9's comment not 10's, but why would you open windows with AC on?