By ohcrap - 02/06/2011 10:05 - United States

Today, I was shopping for clothes. I thought this guy was a mannequin because he was standing perfectly still. I poked him and he screamed like a girl. FML
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So you would normally feel the need to poke random manakins...


GreenMaze 0

I thought you can only poke on Facebook.

strizz18 0

where exactly did you poke him...

where is the fml part of this?? normally when there is a bad fml i dont say anything but... this was too bad. a guy was standing still, you poked him, he screamed like a girl, end of story. nothing bad happened to you, how does this make your life suck?

21 its a 99% chance that OP poke him in the G spot in his... well I rather not say.

rallets 22

^ because everyone screams like a girl when theyre poked

62, just stfu with your nerd rage.

yak526 0

just curiosity at its finest

sylverdrag_fml 9

That was gonna be my question as well. ;-)

StevenTylersWife 2

That store must have some lifelike looking mannequins in it. All the stores I go to, the mannequins are white as paper and bald.

holymolybro 0

I was at this mall in northern ireland once where they had real people standing motionless in the windows pretending to mannequins.

tuppencej777 0

You just described my grandfather.

FMLandurstoo 9

That's what happens when you poke me. Now you owe me a *******.

So true, when someone pokes me they get 'stabbed'.

Eggers 2

13- With a very 'long', 'sharp' 'knife'. am I right?

how could OP mistake a person with a white plastic fake-ass person.

metfanatic1986 0

ok mr. Herbert. but just one

FMLandurstoo 9

Mmmmmhmmmm. Can my nose have one too?

Don't poke mannequins, they might scream at you...

So you would normally feel the need to poke random manakins...

If you were so sure he was a mannequin why did you poke him?

shakeTHEworld 12

May I ask why do you need to poke random mannequins? Even if they are lifelike.

What sort of mannequins look like humans...

sxe_beast 11

The mannequins that have two arms, two hands, two legs, two feet, a head, etc? The Neiman Marcus I frequent has some really realistic mannequins.

sxe_beast 11

From after (and sometimes) they look semi realistic. They have realistic looking hair, skintone, eyes, makeup, etc. I would think if you're up close you could differentiate the differences. Maybe the OP is nearly blind.

You wanted to see if the mannequin was anatomically correct. So, OP stuck her finger up some guy's ass.

Who said OP is a girl? Guys shop for clothes too.