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Today, I returned home to find out that my new and very expensive computer had overheated. I confronted my mom, and she told me that she had covered up the fan because she didn't like the noise. FML
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lmfao, its more FHL.....unless she refuses to pay for it.

Aww man. That sucks. I hope your mom is going to help pay for a new computer.


lmfao, its more FHL.....unless she refuses to pay for it.

Watercooling is very difficult to install and maintain. It's really not worth it anymore.

Yeah, especially once we move away from carbon-based chipsets. But if you do have a powerful computer, it's definately worth it to water cool. But you definately did not deserve that, YLIF

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#55, your logic is flawed. You're forgetting that she has either damaged or completely ruined something that belonged to the OP. Unless she was the one that bought the computer for him in the first place (which is possible, but not probable), then she should, at the very least, lend -some- financial aid in the repair/replacement of the computer. Unless the OP is an adult and still living with the 'rents, he should not be expected to pay for all of the utilities you have listed. And if he is indeed living with them as an adult, his parents have most likely worked out whether or not he should help pay for the house upkeep and how much. But regardless of all that, the mother damaged his computer, and is therefore responsible for getting it fixed.

Maybe she was using the computer...?

Legally, she is NOT responsible. Perhaps certifiably an idiot. Homeowners insurance should cover it. Unless there is no insurance. In which case, OP is also an idiot. But the old lady did quiet the fan didn't she?

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Fking trolls destroying the fun in FML.

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I can't decide which is more offensive...your sexism or your taste in music.

Haha, I was just thinking that. But honestly, tell your mother that the computer would be completely silent if she would just turn it off. My parents know not to mess with expensive things if they don't fully understand them.

lol 76 and "you break it you buy it"

How is the OP an idiot for not having insurance? Insurance is expensive and will do it's best to screw you over. Plus, he might be a teen in which case it would be his parent's insurance.

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You're throwing alot of what-if's out there and ya know what they say, if "ifs and buts were candy and nuts ever day would be Christmas". Bottom line, we don't really know anything more than Mom is computer-stupid and OP's computer is in need of repair. Maybe Mom is going to pay for it, maybe Mom told him to shove the computer up his ass, maybe Mom is going to take a computer hardware course, maybe OP is going to steal the money from Mom's bank account to get this shit fixed, maybe Mom is going to file a homeowners claim, maybe she isn't, maybe he is going to submit the thing for warranty repair and then he is going to be arrested for defrauding the company doing the warranty repair, maybe the computer is stolen and he can't get it fixed under warranty anyway, maybe Mom is regretting having any children, maybe OP pays the electric bill, maybe Mom is a lottery winner and couldn't care less about the electric bill, maybe the OP is a 60 year old sad sack living with his 90 year old Mom and she thought the computer was a typewriter, maybe OP is going to open a can of whoop-ass on his elderly mom and get reported for elder abuse...Anyway, I guess we will never know!

This can't even be true. The bios as a "trip temperature" that would cause the computer to shut down if things were getting too hot. An "expensive computer" would give you an error because a fan was covered, and would then shutoff on its own if the problem is not fixed. OP made this one up.

#43 Yea if you don't follow the instructions that come with the kit. Drrrrrr...

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As a computer professional, I think a lot of commenters are taking this way out of proportion. Very rarely does an overheating computer cause lasting damage in a short time; typically you simply remove the obstruction in the fan (in this case) and then let the system col off for a few minutes before turning it back on. Yes, the potential for damage is there any time a computer overheats, but I've seen hundreds of computers overheat, and they're rarely ruined from it.

My thoughts exactly. Every computer made nowadays has a trip. Mine's 7 years old now and has a safety shutoff. My wii has a safety shutoff. In any modern computer there are temperature sensors in nearly every chipset on the board, and if one of them gets too hot the power is killed immediately resulting in little to no harm to the circuitry. FAKE

We fail to realize that the OP's idea of an 'expensive rig' could be complete Dell crap. The temperature sensors DO go on the computers and give false positives or no response at all. I think its very likely that this could have happened. I know of a friend who melted his motherboard from leaving it on 24/7 without proper cooling.

If the OP overclocked his computer, which is very likely if he built it himself, then he probably turned off the thermal monitor. This is generally safe to do if you don't expect anything to block air circulation in your PC. Even if he didn't overclock it or turn off the thermal monitor, however, the heat could still cause his computer to crash. All the thermal monitor does is underclock the CPU and reduce its input voltage when the core temperature exceeds a given number. This usually is enough because the heat output of the CPU is a direct consequence of its activity level and input voltage. However, if air still cannot circulate after the CPU is underclocked then the heat will continue to build up, causing the computer to crash eventually.

came down, he might spent 6k on the computer, plus some people don't I turn off their computer, cause it took forever to turn it back on, my laptop took3 mins to boot

how the hell does a mom cover up fans on a computer know how to use it( no offend to OP)

hand down, after I bought my laptop, I threaten my parents not to touch Ito or I'll blame them for every problems that I have with the laptop, it works, they never touch it without my permission, lol

may be not, computer have technical problems, so the trip might be broken

ya, something expensive for one person might be cheap for another person, so it might total crap to someone but gold to him,

you know you could've put all that in one post

OP Still owes their mother their life. Logic? Try thinking reasonably. You can't blame the mom for not knowing. Blame OP for not even telling mom about the computer in the first place. This could have been avoided: fact. All over all, OP still gets an IDD for a wrecked computer :P

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I'm on my phone and this comment is so long I can't click the option to like it

My computer takes 20 seconds and I can open anything. It's called a solid state

Oh man, that sucks. At least nothing caught fire.

Aww man. That sucks. I hope your mom is going to help pay for a new computer.

I honestly believe OP deserves it for not turning off the computer when he leaves. That is what I do an I have never had any problems even when it is covered. While off obviously.

that sucks, but they can make a lot of noise (mine does too >.

I would definitely make her pay for a new one.

Hahahah. Moms can be so stupid sometimes

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Moms? Most older adults. They think kids are the ones that download viruses, but she doesn't even know that moving fans are neccesary for computers to function. I wonder who are the people who actually get viruses on pcs.

why'd you leave it turned on in the first place? lol.

Because its not necessary to turn off PCs at all times? Especially if you're running something important on them like a web server.

Why didn't you turn your computer off? But still you dont deserve it

^^ My question. I mean, wtf dude? Unless you were gone for like an hour I don't really get this.

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You don't really understand computers all too well if you have to ask that question. that's okay, though. No shame in that.