By Lauren - 08/09/2010 23:13 - Australia

Today, a little girl asked me how I could be so fat and still have small boobs. Great question. FML
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Well that was tactless. Maybe if you lost weight then people wouldn't think that...

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Tell her that you had sex with her dad, and that she was a mistake

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22- username and picture win. love transformers.

22 total win with the name and picture.. I think I love you.. anyway OP, lose some weight then you'll be skinny with tiny boobs!...waaait..

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you definitely are a D, op... if you know what I mean lol

58, they aren't 'moobs' if the OP isn't male. Lauren is a girl's name. OP is female... therefore rendering your comment incorrect.

No I mean she has manly boobs, women with no boobs have moobs as much as man do

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69- males are named Lauren too...

Sucks :( start cutting some things like soda out of your diet and you will gradually lose weight. I've lost 5 lb in about a month and a half just by not drinking soda, and using less oil when I cook. And, there are some guys who LOVE small boobs. I'm only a B and I have a friend who thinks they are too big :)

82-Small chested women (or, as the ignorant put it, flat-chested), even if they are overweight, do not have moobs. The meaning of 'moobs' is 'man boobs'. Derp. Small boobs are not manly. 83-Lauren is a girl's name. Lorne is a boy's name. There is a different spelling, even though they sound similar.

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lol thanks 49, and you bring up a good point, is she's skinny she'll still have no, seems like there's no way around this fml

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87- I know it's a girl's name but I was just saying. thanks though

hahahahahahaha it's funny cuz a little kid asked that

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i wonder too how tiny girls have big boobs

u should have told her Santa is not real! ....

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100 again you are only using ad hominem fallacies. look it up, you'll understand how much of a jackass you look like.

Woh, hey my names Loren :D what a coincidence 0.o

163, Please speak English and I will consider your comment valid. You've just got your knickers in a twist because you're usually wrong.

tiny boobs and a FUPA...sorry OP that combo sucks

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23- that would make since if the op was a guy. But coming from a woman its stupid. that would mean that shes the kids mom.

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eat more chicken. it makes your boobs grow

168 he is speaking english you just don't understand it since you never heard it before "hominem fallacy" is what he ment but none the less it's is proper English look it up. it a intellectual word or words.

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#188 "I have found so many people older than I am on here that can't....." I think instead of using 'that', you should use 'who'. just trying to help, since your desc is about proper English.. :) sorry if you're offended. :/

163 - you look like more of a jackass for using fancy words on a site where no one gives a shit.

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ok so OP has small boobs but fat? that is just all bad. but if she was skinny she would have no boobs? thats a lose lose situation. btw 145 is so sexy... im sure i said tht a million times but its so true

256 - yes, because men love boobs that are stiff and don't move.

254 maybe you should keep up instead of bitching about a worddoHerty not familiar with. Hence it is called a dictionary which happens to be useful at times when one doesn't know the word spelling, pronounciation, definition or use of the word.

A brief check up on wikipedia reveals that an "ad hominem fallacy" is something which I have no idea about, but it doesn't seem like 100 and the rest of her comments use them. Don't be afraid to point out the ad homiwhatevers, I'd gladly like to see 'em.

Plus, it seems to me like 168 is a troll, and it's always fun to troll a troll, eh?

163* It's only half way to becoming an eight, anyways.

258 - you'd be surprised. I saw a poll about fake vs real boobs and 25% of the voters chose fake over real... but I do agree with you (and the other 75%). Fake boobs are gross.

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Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings...

that's what you get for living in nsw. go the qld reds xD

I'm not saying who *says under breath: 254* but everyone needs to go watch "Red vs Blue PSA: Internet" lol.

why do otherwise pretty girls pierce their faces?

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Woa, Shia Labeouf is on FML? I love your movies man. Transformers FTW!

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tell her that everyone looks like that at one point an that she will look like that in a few years lol

well your a bit of an ass an that's gross

But, there are also guys out there who love fat women- and might not be too keen about tiny breasts.

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I wouldve showed that kid the back of my hand. just kidding but if u work out and keep going at it and u REALLY want it. then u will get it. and in a few months u will be fine and everyone who ever made fun of u will feel like an ass after seein how u changed.

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33- Yo little boy, what do you know about women, let alone fat ones. And no, the SIMS plus your mom's Victoria's Secret catalog don't count.

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ok sir carpal tunnel--u would know wouldn't u

ha i know right! the measurer person screwed up! so i got it fixed! ha

Easy: Genetics. Blame your parents. And your eating habits & lack of exercise.

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your username & pic is epic :)

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my grammar is correct, thank you:)

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what a sad life you people have because if grammar. it's sad, really.

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Coming from the stalker. The little girl that's to scared to message me or anyone else back. Awh! What's the matter? Can't stand the private heat?

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um, I did msg. you back. I can't get messages unless I'm on a computer. And unlike you, I have a life. I can't get messages on my iPhone. Holla at yo boy

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Btw, it literally took me 3 minutes to create an account and copy and paste everything. And I broke my leg & have nothing else to do. YOU people, are the truly pathetic ones. Because once I'm better, I won't be going on here anymore, but you losers will still check this site EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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What's sad is that you actually believe that what you're saying justifies you being a complete and total creep. I broke my pinky finger, alright Steph! I'm going to stalk you now. You're the biggest dumb-ass this site has spit out. Your days are numbered, my dear.

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Krystal, it's the "isabella3" girl you called out on the other FML, for her picture being fake. What's great is that "she" is a 23 year old he. Makes this so much worse.

I don't think someone who creates a fake account and stalks people on a website has the right to call anyone pathetic. My comment better post this time or I'll be very mad. 

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Hm, yes I can see how showing a little bit of cleavage would make me look like a "hoe." Try a better insult next time. Got gave me boobs and if I'm going out dancing or want to look nice for my girlfriend/boyfriend than you're damn right, I'm going to let a little show. I am not ashamed of what I have.

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What's with the creepy stalker? Hey, instead of being mad at him/her, we should pity him... or her. Some people just have no life.

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Anna, how'd you find out that isabella3 is a guy? I saw her account got banned.

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He told me. Yes, I reported both profiles.

that is a really good question!!!!for just a kid

i agree! blah whatever i have small boobs but hey, im okay with it

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Perhaps the girl is trying to tell you something...

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OP, drop some weight and your boobs will look bigger. :)

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When I lose weight, it's generally not in my boobs. I do know it's like that for some people though. Hopefully in her case, she can lose some weight and her boobs will grow.

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Well in this case she doesn't have much to lose and maybe she will look even hotter which will excuse a lack of boobage

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you better not be talkin' about me!

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She was talking about you, stalker. Now, run along and play with the kiddos. The adults need talk time.

this is kinda confusing with you and your stalker... :/

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It's OK, she's busy jerking it to my picture right now. She's so much in love with my face, it's sad really. :( My heart belongs to another man!

but we only just met? plus in different countries...

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haha i always ask tht about my friend's cousin

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awww. don't worry I have small boobs too. hahahaha!