By thanksmom - United States
Today, I was released from hospital after being in a car accident. I used the phone book to call people I know to get a ride home, as my wallet and cellphone were still in the wrecked car. I had called my mom to come get me, but her response was "I don't feel like it." I live with her. FML
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  zakkyzebra  |  11

Yay. I was first and people are trying to break my balls. Okay.

35, It is on FML for a reason. It's supposed to be humorous.
51, How the fuck am I stupid or a punk? You're sounding like an ignorant hoodlum right about now. That comment wasn't bad nor good in any way. Karma will have to pay me back some neutral shit.

46 & 67, sorry for not addressing you both individually, but I just wanted to say to you that I'm glad you're here in the FML community to balance out the ignorance. Thank you.

35, read what FML is about. Humor.
51, Fuck wit.
46, Thank you.
67, Thank you.

  rileynautumn  |  0

if OP was 16 then mom would have had to be at the hospital to fill out paperwork. the fact that she wasn't already there/no parent was there to sign release forms says OP is over 18. therefore an adult therefore able to move out. OP I feel bad for you.

  Sparx1_1  |  16

Most people with cell phones just enter the number once then use speed dial or look the person up by name. Not a surprise that she had to look up her moms number.

By  Richard16  |  0

when your home and she is about to go out take her house keys and have her sleep in the car for the night and say the same thing to her when she ask why you did not open the door