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Today, I was released from hospital after being in a car accident. I used the phone book to call people I know to get a ride home, as my wallet and cellphone were still in the wrecked car. I had called my mom to come get me, but her response was "I don't feel like it." I live with her. FML
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MaskingTape 2

Jesus still loves you. Not the religious one, but the one outside Home Depot.


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I find the humor in this FML funny.

I find that you are easily amused, OP your mum is a bitch she probably didn't even realize you were in a crash.

I never fail to be amazed at people who have the special talent of always managing to pick out humour in situations that never intended it.

I am never fail to be amazed at those who have the ability to pick out humor in situations that never intended it.

come on, you thought this was funny too...didn't you?

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#1 you are a stupid punk i hope karma pays you a visit someday

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Yay. I was first and people are trying to break my balls. Okay. 35, It is on FML for a reason. It's supposed to be humorous. 51, How the **** am I stupid or a punk? You're sounding like an ignorant hoodlum right about now. That comment wasn't bad nor good in any way. Karma will have to pay me back some neutral shit. 46 & 67, sorry for not addressing you both individually, but I just wanted to say to you that I'm glad you're here in the FML community to balance out the ignorance. Thank you. tl;dr 35, read what FML is about. Humor. 51, **** wit. 46, Thank you. 67, Thank you.

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i was joking too. calm yourselves.

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No one even responded to you. Stop trying.

# 1 is a douche ._. OP don't do nothing nice for your mom >:O

# 1 is a douche ._. OP don't do nothing nice for your mom >:O

# 1 is a douche ._. OP don't do nothing nice for your mom >:O

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parental emancipation dumbass

if OP was 16 then mom would have had to be at the hospital to fill out paperwork. the fact that she wasn't already there/no parent was there to sign release forms says OP is over 18. therefore an adult therefore able to move out. OP I feel bad for you.

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ops mom could have brought him/her and left op there for a day or so then just didn't feel like coming back

I lol'd at my own mistake, I meant bitch not birch.

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I hate when spell check corrects bitch with "birch" what the **** is a birch?

wait, op needed a phone book to call his mom?

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A birch is a kind of tree.

If you can't count on your mom then who can you count on?

Yeah fluffy has always been there for me.

She doesn't even know her mom's phone number and had to use a phone book; they're probably not very close

Most people with cell phones just enter the number once then use speed dial or look the person up by name. Not a surprise that she had to look up her moms number.

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If it was a home phone, she should know the number as it is also her home number. if it was her mom's cell phone, the number wouldn't be in the phone book.

MaskingTape 2

Jesus still loves you. Not the religious one, but the one outside Home Depot.

zakkyzebra 11

Oh. And don't forget baby Jesus. He still loves you.

Masking tape, hope you don't mind my asking but what's you MOS?

I hope your not making fun of God. God help you

45, he says MP in his description, if that's not specific enough send him a private message rather than out here in the comments. kthxbai.

Well maybe she figures that you will walk home as your rehabilitation.

that's nasty.... When she wants something from you in the future, tell her the same... Karma!!

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Just tap your heels together three times..

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not every car accident involves broken legs or paralysis I rolled my car three times and walked away with just a scratch on my elbow and some muscle stiffness.

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when your home and she is about to go out take her house keys and have her sleep in the car for the night and say the same thing to her when she ask why you did not open the door

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wouldnt that be pretty funny? lol

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ooo.. i was going to say slap the bitch and throw her out. and tell her you dont feel like letting her back in. but your approach works too. lol

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i think your way of doing it is better aha

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ahh, well thanks i tried. lol.