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I disagree 42. There's the always hilarious "Missed Connections" portion of Craigslist, porn, YouTube, porn, and of course, FML.

Side note: Whatever happened to and Those sites were awesome back in the day...

By  marpay  |  11

So something that has been around since 1960 is a passing fad? Even if you just count the 20 years it's been readily available it's more than a fad.
It's time to educate your parents.

  marpay  |  11

Even though it wasn't commercially available till the 90's is was being developed in the 60's. Only a few computers where connected, mostly at 4 universities in the USA.

By  ronton  |  4

The Internet is useless. What can one possibly do with only a world of possibilities at their fingertips? Give it a year, people will come to their senses


Saying that something was sarcastic kind of ruins it, but I see why you did, there are an abundance of people on here of whom sarcasm flies right over their head..

Anyway, OP... that just sucks. Your parents are idiots.