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Today, I spent two hours filling out an online application and questionnaire for a potential employer. The application stated that there were no right or wrong answers and to answer truthfully. I was automatically rejected. FML
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There are no right or wrong answers, but they are looking for somebody to work for them. So if the question was "Do you drink?" and you put "Yes, even while driving" the answer is not wrong, but you won't get the job :/

If at first you don't succeed, you aren't Chuck Norris.


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Try again!

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No wrong answers n a job application?!... HA!! How naive. xD

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There are no wrong answers, only stupid answers

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On to the next, op.

If you have four choices (strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree) always use either strongly agree or strongly disagree and always strongly disagree to anything ethically bad for the company (example : "I could over look an employee taking a Coca-cola without paying for it - Strongly disagree)

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If it asked "have you been convicted for murder?" you should have said no....

^ But if it says, "Have you committed murder?", be sure to answer truthfully. OP, assuming you read this, were you applying for Costco perchance? I failed one because I picked the "right" answer instead of honest answers (like "What would you do if you found $50 in the parking lot? a. Look around to see if anyone's watching, and then pocket it? b. Put it under the windshield wiper of the nearest car, since it probably belongs to whoever was in the car? c. Give it to the manager on duty so they can locate the owner d. ask nearby people if they dropped $50" I lied and said I'd give it to the manager. I think they wanted me to pick a. :P)

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75 - Well that really sucks, because what if the applicant really would give it to the manager? Companies think they're catching people & able to tell who's lying or not, but really they're just making things more complicated.

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The right answer is D. Bothering a manager with every small issue or question wastes company resources.

bamagrl410 31

89 If you work at a smaller store (like I do), it's easier to keep up with. Also, employees at my company are required to do just that. We can get in trouble if we don't.

Surely you should ask people if they dropped any money, and then ask how much? Otherwise someone could claim to have lost the money when they haven't.

I feel sorry that your lack of intelligence can be read by a computer xD

I feel sorry for you and how rude you are.. Smh.

I feel sorry for you for not grasping my sarcasm... "smh."

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I feel sorry for both of you feeling sorry.

Touché, Tim the talking towel.

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Well you're obviously not the type of person they want working there.. ............. I guess that need to hire a fake bitch.

Holy balls!! Tim has a name close to my xbox name. ToughTalkinTony :)

Kimmi should look up the definition of sarcasm ^_^ the only sarcastic part of you comment was the sorry unless of course u were truly sorry in which case u r a COMPLETE dumbass...

Why would I be sorry? Lmao

I feel sorry for how much of a bitch you are

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They where wrong

Like how your "where" is wrong?

I actually feel bad for this FML

I don't. Everyone knows you lie, lie, lie on questions that you can actually get away with. If we all told the truth, no one would be employed.

For the fml or op?

#26 is right. This has happened to me before. I answered the questionnaire with what I thought was right and failed. Second time around, I answered with what they wanted to hear. Six years later, I'm still employed and have not had a single disciplinary action taken against me.

There are no right or wrong answers, but they are looking for somebody to work for them. So if the question was "Do you drink?" and you put "Yes, even while driving" the answer is not wrong, but you won't get the job :/

And when they ask, "If you knew you wouldn't get caught, would you steal?" the answer is supposed to be no.

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A friend of mine doesn't drink and truthfully said 'never' rather than 'sometimes'. The answer was evaluated as a lie because supposedly everybody drinks occasionally... Some tests are flawed as are some people.

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You should get a fair chance!

If at first you don't succeed, you aren't Chuck Norris.

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And if you are not chuck norris you can't ride a unicorn.

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42, I beg to differ. Eat some shrooms and you'll be riding a unicorn.

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I guess you're meant to write FMLs your whole life.. After all, yours did get put on here.

I think you might have failed the personality test.

It sucks you spent two hours filling out the application, but while they say "there's no right or wrong" they're still going to be looking for specific criteria. For example, if they're looking for someone to work with kids, if you say that kids tend to annoy you, they're not going to pretend to be interested in someone where the job obviously isn't going to fit them. Nonetheless, would have probably been nicer if the system kicked you out once it determined you weren't right for the job so you wouldn't waste two hours. XD

To long didn't read it....

It sucks that I spent two hours reading your comment. ;)