By SeagullsShouldDie - 28/08/2010 06:07 - United States

Today, was my uncle's funeral. He was cremated, and his wish was to have his ashes spread into the sea. As we were waiting for the waves to come and take him away, a group of seagulls came by picking at all his ashes. I guess he tasted good. FML
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They will have to poo eventually though, so chances the ashes'll end up in the sea after all (or on someone's head) are pretty good.

When my Uncle died he told my Aunt to put his ashes in a douche so he could rest in his favorite place. No! I did NOT ask her if she did it!


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that's sad...

Oh no!! Very horrible timing :(.

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it's the circle of life.. don't worry, he'll eventually become seagull poo that'll probably fall back into the ocean

8 hearing that would make me feel so much better

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why the he'll would anything eat ashes?

hey did you know that when your creamenated in today's society your not not actually burned? you are first dehydrated fully then you are crushed by a crusher! yummy! so the 'ashes' that you get are not ashes but dehydrated crushed bone!!:)

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You uncle shoula burned their souls from the inside...

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ydi for having a grandpa

they shoulda had their v8

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LOL I had my v8 this morning!!!!

In Florida at least, it's illegal to dump ashes out to sea within 3 miles of the coast. you have to be in "International Waters" to be legit.

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poor word choice, 1 lol

that sucks sorry op =(

it could be worse. you could of dumped the ashes and have the wind blow them into your face and hair.

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34 you're right, that would suck. seagulls are little devils. sorry OP

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Fuck it, 34. I'd just go bowl.

anything grilled tastes good


fyl op. we just had my uncle cremated too. /;

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mine mine mine mine

Why would your life suck because of this? I thought this was FML, not "FMDETIWAMLMAFAGSTTS" ... (Fuck my day even though it won't affect my life much aside from a good story to tell strangers).

FHD (Fuck His Death)

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why the hell would anyone deserve that?

Meh. In the water the fish would've gotten him. At least this way he got the thrill of flying before he got pooped out.

seagulls don't eat bone the jar that the bones were in was probably shiny. seagulls like shiny things

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#13 You are absolutely disgusting. The way you described it made me feel sick and how you said "yummy" and ":)" after is even more sickening. I hope YOU die and your ashes get eaten by seagulls. Just think how the OP would feel after reading that comment.

He did taste good...

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I hate seagulls

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how the hell is this an FML???

11, ur eyes are pretty:). and that's horrible... kill them? jk u shulda shooed them away

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19, you realize it was his uncle right?

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12 IDK but I hate auto correction an iPods/Phones I can tell you have one lol

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19 You FAIL in so many ways..

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Nd 25 OMG you are like... so hot!!!

74 that is the truth and everyone deserves to know the truth!

So, OP's uncle was cremated, consumed by a seagul, and then passed through the bird's system, and was shitted out through the other end. That sucks.

19 doesn't look like Obama. But yeah that really sucks OP. Hope your grandpas happy in heaven

you sit are a noob

That's sad... Sorry OP...

no FML here..... more of a FMA(fuck my afterlife) for your uncle

you are hot and sexy nrgirl, do you own a bar or are you just posing in front of one? show your tits and spread those hot legs.

your an ass.

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I don't see how this is an fml. what did the op think would happen to the ashes anyway? they'd be eaten by seagulls or fish or something

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#8 ftw

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looks like he *takes off glasses* didn't taste like ash

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oh man that sucks

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pic win lol

cutiepie31296 0


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take a shotgun next time

oh, that was an urn? sorry man, I thought it was a decorated mini trashcan so I threw my half eaten sandwich in there...

first! and that's really sad...

not really, you're just 3d. and indeed, that's really sad to hear..

failing at being first after you called it is even more sad.

Having a comment that says what number your comment is, now that is what's sad. Especially when that's all it says, or like 10 said, when you're wrong.

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FHAL (Fuck His AfterLife)

lmfao shoot the gulls

that's gross. stupid seaguls

Shoul have brought some sort of shotgun :P

They will have to poo eventually though, so chances the ashes'll end up in the sea after all (or on someone's head) are pretty good.

When my Uncle died he told my Aunt to put his ashes in a douche so he could rest in his favorite place. No! I did NOT ask her if she did it!

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I don't get why people decide to get cremated and then have their ashes spread somewhere where other people go.. That's kinda selfish to do, lmao. Other people swim in there and so do other animals. People also visit parks or w/e.

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a lot of people want to be in their favorite place. a big part of their life. some people put it from the bible ashes to ashes dust to dust. that's sad that the segals are stupid. but this is a fml. that's horrible