By only1bigdogme - 03/09/2011 05:24 - United States

Today, I tried to scare a new college friend by sneaking up behind her wearing a mask. It worked. And so did her lightning fast reflexes developed from multiple martial arts championships. My 2 cracked ribs, broken nose and bruised ballsack can now be added to her list of achievements. FML
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On the bright side... It worked?


hahaha sucks op

At least it worked?

^^ That comment is suspiciously very similar to #3. You're pretty original bro..! I'm not gonna hit YDI because I also like to give people frights, but I'm gonna say it sucks to be you that you got beat up by a girl.

Actually I didn't realize that until it was too late for me to make another comment.But thanks for pointing out the obvious.

No shit it sucked. LOL. =^.^=


Achievement Unlocked: Bruised Ballsack

If OP's friend was chuck Norris this story would of never been told

Maybe the girl's friend was Chuck Norris...

the friend was a girl, i wrote a chuck norris joke but realized that haha

a real trickster knows to never pop up in front of someone, because then they're instincts react. & you wouldn't want to end up like OP. xD

That's what you get for sneaking up behind :P

When I saw ' tried to scare ' at the start of the fml, I already knew this is a YDI.

haha, my sister tried to do that to me once...she learned quickly just how hard I punch when I think I'm being attacked -_-

@ 28 very nice...what game is that from????

Doesnt that suck op, thats what you get for sneaking up on someone...

Yes what a dumb ass trying to have fun with a friend. -___- The worst part is you ALL have done this at some point.


If you knew all that what did you think would happen? She isn't going to scream like a school girl, she's going kick some ass

My thoughts exactly.

On the bright side... It worked?

Very nice!

Jason. It's not Friday the 13th.

It's also not friday.. Or the 13th! :o hahahahhahaha

Obvious much, 48?

TINY TOWER!!! best icon ever.

True, true.

damn dude, I dnt know what's worse the fact that you got owned or the fact that it was by a girl. Fyl

OP deserves his ball sacks bruised for trying to scare someone who's in martial arts. sexist much?

Actually, women are usually smarter with language skills and men are usually smarter in mathematics. There is not a definitive smarter sex. By the way I'm not pulling those facts of my ass, they have actually studied that. It is also known that men are athletically stronger, that's the reason men have higher requirements for physical tests. Sorry for the long ass comment, im Just saying

There are women out there who are stronger than like 95% of men. It just depends on what two people you are comparing. But yes a man has more muscle mass than a women about the same size and with the same amount of exercising.

I'm sure there's a girl out there that can beat any mans ass. Including yours.

most of the time that a guy gets his ass kicked by a girl is because the guy held back and wont hit the girl because then all hell breaks loose if they do. just saying

@93 also, apparently women have a higher threshhold for pain, so I read. hence their ability to go through childbirth and other routine painful shit (see: horrible menstrual pain). That can be considered strength..? but gender is "smarter". Haha most people don't even realize that there are different forms of "intelligence". You can't even measure it by an IQ test, which only test some of the more standard, "useful", and "show-able" forms of intellect.

Your a pig, I'm a martial artiest and I bet I can beat your sorry ass Rexgar2000

Hope you learnt your lesson. :) and get well soon dear OP :)

nut up or shut up?

I don't feel sorry for him, he knew the damage she could due to him, the FML is him bening a idiot

you spelled the word "do" wrong....isnt that like a word you learn in kindergarten?....just sayin

You didn't use capitals nor did you use correct punctuation. Just saying? This place isn't made for people to correct each other's spelling mistakes. This is a place of laughter.

His comment nor your comment made me laugh.. Are you lying to me sir?

Somebody gets it...

What the fuck is a bening?

well, according to ur spelling, sir, the damage was due to him that make u laugh 69, lmfao

7- your stupid arnt you? Didnt u realize that if he knew it beforhand he woulnt have done it. It is possible if he didnt know untill after the fact. The op clearly states new friend

Its like when Spongebob tries to sneak up on Sandy to karate chop her. He never wins. Let this be a lesson.

Don't try to scare girls like that. They'll mess you up.

jajajaja.. yes it's usually the tiniest girls who kick the hardest.. :)

cuz the tiniest girls are the ones who always need to be prepared...for anything :)

YDI for trying to scare a karate kid *eye roll* that was dumb

OP may not have known before hand that she was so into martial arts.. she was a 'new' friend after all.