By Anonymous - 28/05/2009 19:44 - United States

Today, I was looking at the skeleton of a human male that we have in out biology classroom. I picked up the hand to examine the bones in the finger, and had the sudden realization that this is the only time that I have held hands with a boy. I'm a junior in college. FML
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its okay. we're on the same boat


You stole the words right out of my mouth!

that's pretty sad

This is just sad. I don't even see how it's possible. You don't have any sort of male in your life?

its okay. we're on the same boat

it had a penis to?

There is no bone in the penis.

don't worry you'll find some lucky guy in the future

it's okay sweetheart. you'll find a guy

you definitely got to get out more, there are 5 year olds who have gotten more action than you >

#5 its a skeleton.. not even a real skeleton.. no it didn't have a freaking penis!

wow, thats sadd.... no effence, the first time i held hand with a guy was when i was 9, after that we kissed. ......goood luck in the future tho ;)

okay, when you're 9, holding hands with a guys means you high fived, and kissed means he kissed you on the cheek. but nice try. when you're in an actual relationship with actual feelings, let me know.

hottie just got owned

Hottie can't spell offence either

Or offense, depending on preference.