By Anonymous - 13/08/2011 19:12 - United States

Today, after pulling an all-nighter, I fell asleep at the beach. My friends took the opportunity to bury me in the sand, place food all around me, and wait for a flock of hungry seagulls to attack me. To top it off, they taped it all. FML
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I wonder how you managed to pull an all nighter and end up at the beach.

Angry birds: not as fun in real life :(

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Hey they were all trying to get the pig...

A similar situation happened to me, surrounded by ninjas and strapped to a chair, they put a fish on my head. A bear came and tried to kill me, do you know how difficult it is to fight off a bear strapped to a chair!?!?

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ya the same thing happend to me, what i did was i wrapped my dick around the fish and slapped that mother ****** in the face with it. how did u escape?

Let me say it for him: Damn Straight.

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this will get more views than Justin Bieber's baby video!(;

Seagulls aren't birds, theyre white rats with wings

Put your friends hand in water when THEY are sleeping, tape that. REVENGE.

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now where is that video link?

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Up until the seagulls part, I was thinking "how thoughtful and nice of them to leave food for op so he doesn't starve :)"

Kill the birds, then place there bodies in your friends beds. That'll teach 'em to mess with you!


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My Video finding quest starts... now

To the FML writer: You are a heavy ******* sleeper.

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wuZz dis Lykee aT dA beAcH oR suMthiN???? i Aint eVer s33 Dem sEaguLls anYplac3 Els3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'd hate it if a Flock of Seagulls attacked me. Of course if it were filmed it'd make for an awesome remake of their music video "I Ran"

108- thumbs up if you realize that "mine mine.." has eminem in the two words!!

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Don't worry, you know when you watch the video you'll laugh. Can't get mad forever.

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Do the same thing to your friends... But surround them with mentos and alka seltzer...

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I thought sleeping at the beach was normal, especially in the summer for tanning? Unless you looked really awkward like you just randomly fell asleep with no gear.

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How the **** does taping something to sand work anyway?

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65, they got some tape, put op onto the sand, put some food and a bunch of seagulls on top of him, and taped them all together onto the sand :)...

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I'll be a little less of a dick and answer it. You know that thing that people point at you and tell you to say "Cheese!"? Well that Thingy also does these things called a video which shows what you did in the past! Like a time traveling device! Well that is what you use to "tape" things.

Well atleast you will see what they did to you ;)

I would be more pissed if they had done that to me and hadn't taped it.

If so, I'll like it! Hopefully that will help you feel better! :)

did they send it to Americas funniest home videos?

Wasn't that show cancelled..? And they only play reruns...?

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Honestly.. i would have done something like that too, if my friend fell asleep after an all nighter. Lol

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I'd much rather be pecked in the face than have a dick drawn on my face.