By Anonymous - 13/08/2011 19:12 - United States

Today, after pulling an all-nighter, I fell asleep at the beach. My friends took the opportunity to bury me in the sand, place food all around me, and wait for a flock of hungry seagulls to attack me. To top it off, they taped it all. FML
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yomommma 6

Angry birds.

I must see this video!!


yomommma 6

Angry birds.

hours of fun !

andy_l 14

I wonder how you managed to pull an all nighter and end up at the beach.

flockz 19


Angry birds: not as fun in real life :(

mgsoloist 14

Hey they were all trying to get the pig...

A similar situation happened to me, surrounded by ninjas and strapped to a chair, they put a fish on my head. A bear came and tried to kill me, do you know how difficult it is to fight off a bear strapped to a chair!?!?

instantaction 0

Yet your still alive

flockz 19

ya the same thing happend to me, what i did was i wrapped my dick around the fish and slapped that mother ****** in the face with it. how did u escape?

Let me say it for him: Damn Straight.

LiveLaughFML 10

this will get more views than Justin Bieber's baby video!(;

Seagulls aren't birds, theyre white rats with wings

Vid or it didn't happen.

Put your friends hand in water when THEY are sleeping, tape that. REVENGE.

YourEvilHero 12

now where is that video link?

Pixxio_O 11

Up until the seagulls part, I was thinking "how thoughtful and nice of them to leave food for op so he doesn't starve :)"

Kill the birds, then place there bodies in your friends beds. That'll teach 'em to mess with you!


i wish i was friends with you haha

jonan1212 5

My Video finding quest starts... now

To the FML writer: You are a heavy ******* sleeper.

Jvr91 8

Must be a jersey thing

iceildor 6

I love your friends

wuZz dis Lykee aT dA beAcH oR suMthiN???? i Aint eVer s33 Dem sEaguLls anYplac3 Els3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enonymous 8

I'd hate it if a Flock of Seagulls attacked me. Of course if it were filmed it'd make for an awesome remake of their music video "I Ran"

108- thumbs up if you realize that "mine mine.." has eminem in the two words!!

My_Name_Is_ 5

Don't worry, you know when you watch the video you'll laugh. Can't get mad forever.


What's the YouTube video called ?

TheRealHouse 7

Similar to

SimoneDymond 3


That sound like

Tell you to go harder

Do the same thing to your friends... But surround them with mentos and alka seltzer...

oreobunbun 3

...are awesome.

mgsoloist 14

Back of

orangeduck 6

steal your cookies.

somerandomdude19 2

Things happening

nixter5 18

that some may find

But some friends

Pixxio_O 11

Like to rape

Glitterhinoceros 14

While you sleep

Waiting until you wake up

To break the combo. Zing!

things off the ground

Dicks covered in peanutbutter

While they are

darebear331 4

C-c-c-c-combo breaker!!!!

C-C-C-Combo Fixer! Watching you

TheRealHouse 7

Having sex with

In the white house

AcidRayn 0


Taht_Guy_fml 0

inside your moms ******

Making noise

naijagirl96 1

making you a sandwich

Only because...

I thought sleeping at the beach was normal, especially in the summer for tanning? Unless you looked really awkward like you just randomly fell asleep with no gear.

jajay398 4

you'll get em back some day

How the **** does taping something to sand work anyway?

She's joking, right?

It's okay she's blonde

With big eyes....

And only 15 years behind her.

Pixxio_O 11

65, they got some tape, put op onto the sand, put some food and a bunch of seagulls on top of him, and taped them all together onto the sand :)...

ImmaB3AST 7

I'll be a little less of a dick and answer it. You know that thing that people point at you and tell you to say "Cheese!"? Well that Thingy also does these things called a video which shows what you did in the past! Like a time traveling device! Well that is what you use to "tape" things.

darebear331 4

Epic fail^^

Well atleast you will see what they did to you ;)

I would be more pissed if they had done that to me and hadn't taped it.

I must see this video!!

Is it on YouTube? :D?

If so, I'll like it! Hopefully that will help you feel better! :)

did they send it to Americas funniest home videos?

Wasn't that show cancelled..? And they only play reruns...?

Chikaaa21 0

Honestly.. i would have done something like that too, if my friend fell asleep after an all nighter. Lol

ImmaB3AST 7

I'd much rather be pecked in the face than have a dick drawn on my face.

Sandwiches for everybody!

did you feel pwned?