By heartbroke - 03/11/2012 10:02 - United States - Erie

Today, my girlfriend did the walk of shame in a skimpy Halloween costume after a night of drunken sex. Problem? The walk ended at my doorstep, and the sex was with a stranger. FML
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Nightwing98 22

What was her costume? Trampire?

She probably felt guilty...either way sorry OP


kick her to the curb

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pattyshivlee 5

Looks like she's already there. Get it? Anyone? No? Okay...

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34 She's allowed to dress like one not act like it. The op's girlfriend should be ashamed.

34 is just quoting "Mean Girls". Of course dressing and acting/being slutty is not the same thing.

Send her back to her home on ***** island - where all the ****** belong.

69- any chance you can give me directions there? Seems like it would take all of the work out of it.

I just love the word skimpy.

RedPillSucks 31

What a rake

perdix 29

#1, but what if she looks like Mick Jagger? What ever happened to Ke$ha anyways?

That's irrelevant. Who cares what happened to Kesha. She ****** up. It doesn't matter who it was with or what they look like.

Why do people hate 10's comment? I liked it.

Are you guys seriously not understanding Perdix's comment? Someone mentioned he should "kick her to the curb". Do the lyrics "but we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger" not sound familiar? I'm amazed that had to be explained.

69, 70, & 73- They sell beer on ***** island, but the only kind they sell is Hoegaarden.

144- I got the joke. I just thought it was in bad taste.

144, I got it but was too lazy to try and explain it, such as you did.

tjv3 10

OP change this to read your now ex gf

Mean Girls !

this idea is screwed if any guys find out where it is

144, not everyone has the same trash music taste as you.

She probably felt guilty...either way sorry OP

If I was OP, I would not care if she felt guilty, being drunk is not an excuse to cheat; I don't know what it is about now-a-days but it seems like more people think it is okay to cheat (or the same number of people do and we hear about it more) either way: dump her, maybe even a back-hand.

24 I agree that it's not ok to cheat or to use alcohol as an excuse. But I don't agree with her being backhanded over it (not sure if it was sarcasm or not in your comment). The only way to deal with it is to meet her at the curb with her bags packed.

Yeah physical abuse is not the way to go, no matter the circumstance. I am sure op would feel like backhanding her, but its not the right thing to do. Be the bigger man, put on your boots and walk away from the relationship and never associate yourself with her again. Ofcourse it will be hard but that is what you have to do in the end. I think this is the only semi serious comment I have made lol.

Aaaand you do the walk! *guitar* Do the walk of liiiiiife yea, you do the walk of life!

iOceanus 18

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If she feels guilty, she probably shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

24-guilty or not she still messed up badly. It doesn't matter how she feels.

77 You have the first sensible comment I've seen on this fml so far.

135- it completely depends on the situation. The way I see it is once a cheater always a cheater, but everyone is allowed to have their own opinion on it. It doesn't say if she admitted to it without accusation or if OP caught her and she denied it. It really depends, but personally id tell her to hit the road.

It's funny how if this was a girl saying her boyfriend cheated on her you would all be saying "Kick him in the balls! Yahhhh! he deserves it, what a douche!" And yet when I girl cheats on her boyfriend it's just "Well, you should dumb her but don't smack her.". How often I see double standards in favor of hurting men will never cease to amaze me.

I still think this bitch deserves to just go straight to hell.

145 - I agree, hence the "maybe even a back-hand" I wouldn't do it myself, but I would agree to people who did in the appropriate circumstances, it is either both can or both can't. Women are seen as weaker beings, which they are physically (generally) so it isn't seen as that bad, whereas men punch harder women punch more frequently. Besides, the people who say usually say those things that are one-gender sides are stupid.

I think not hitting her is a more dignified way of handling the situation. Maybe she needed a ride or somewhere to stay, and wasn't so much sorry

24, I agree with the dumping but I wouldn't backhand her. I don't believe physical violence, towards either gender, is okay, even when the relationship just came to an end.

I'm sorry your girlfriend is a ****. No one deserves to be cheated on!

iOceanus 18

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It makes her a ****. Means she can't be happy with the D she already has she wants other D.

iOceanus 18

88 - I bet you're one of the people that don't think it's such a big deal for a guy to cheat, but when a girl does it, she's the biggest **** ever. Such a double standard.

UncleMuscles 5

94, I bet you're someone who bets on other people.

RedPillSucks 31

Perhaps wait for it to actually happen before you claim "double standard". I don't see anyone implying its ok for guys to cheat.

79 - Cheating doesn't make you a ****. If you can't commit to one person, don't get into a relationship. Sleeping around doesn't make you a ****, however, unless you are using your body to get something (e.g. money, a promotion, revenge, etc.). If you're "sleeping around" purely to have a good time, and you do it safely, what's the harm?

jojimugo 20

79. Talk to me when your significant other cheats on you and let's see if your view will change.

There is nothing wrong with sleeping around and having a great time. As long as you're not in a committed, closed relationship. Then you are violating your partners trust. If you wanna sleep around don't be in a relationship.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

#79 actually the word "Slut"'s original meaning was "A girl who's room was untidy" but that was back in the 1900's. Modern use of the word has it meaning "A promiscuous women". Not sure where i'm going with this… but it doesn't mean a girl who "Sleeps around"

I really don't care about the official definition of the word "****." The girlfriend is a ****, a *****, and a piece of dog shit.

I think sleeping around is the same as being promiscuous

For someone who said "we shouldn't assume.." you just did

scarface90 8

There is no double standards... Guys who cheat and sleep around - Douchebags and morons Girls who cheat and sleep around - Sluts and ******

Right, I said cheating doesn't make you a ****, I meant to type *does*. My bad. Either way, my point still stands: Sleeping around isn't slutty, once you aren't selling your body and you aren't in a relationship.

152. It is slutty to sleep around. But there isn't anything wrong with being a ****.

Legendoflaw 4

79- you are a complete moron

If cheating once does not make you a ****, then stealing once does not make you a thief and raping someone once does not make you a rapist, isn´t it? You just implied this, so...?

SApprentice 34

172- No, cheating once makes you a "cheater".

Ioceans seems like a person who committed the same thing

Me: *reads 152* Me: *facepalms*

Your analogies are flawed. Actually stealing once DOES make you a thief. Cheating once does not make you a ****. This is analogous to murdering one person does not make you a MASS murderer.

I do not agree. If I am in a relationship and my gf will have sex with somebody other, I have it as "she is a ****" and I do not give a damn about if it was once or more times. Who did something like that once could do it more times. If I love, I do NOT have sex with anyone other than with my love. Period.

txboy76 4

That sux. Ditch her.

CharresBarkrey 15

Seriously? It's two letters! Just type "sucks."

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KiddNYC1O 20

Only 2 extra letters to type... Derp. ^

KawiRacer69 5

No its three. To change sux to sucks you need to drop the X and add CKS which is three letters... Derp^

KiddNYC1O 20

Thank you. ^ Derp. ^^

noonenoeone 22

You wouldn't type the x if you were spelling "sucks" so it's only 2 letters. Talking about correcting a mistake and the amount of letters you type is completely irrelevant, but if that's the route you want to take you need to account for the # of times you hit the backspace key and the extra time spent making the correction. TL;DR There is no conceivable reality in which it could be 3 letters.

What a tramp!

That was probably her costume. I've seen so many girls say they aren't slutty or tramps or anything but then when Halloween comes they wear practically nothing and sleep with strangers. So strange.

Having sex makes you a ****? As far as I see it people can wear whatever the hell they want. And I don't think women/men are ***** for having sex with strangers (also, funny how you call only the women ***** while clearly it takes 2 (at least) to have sex and unless she is lesbian that 2nd person is a male). Women enjoy sex just like men. And if you use protection have as much sex as you'd like. As far as I see it women who have sex as much as you do/more/wish you did are way too often called *****.

Nightwing98 22

What was her costume? Trampire?

Oh god my sides

AaliyahMorgan143 5

LOL 

Beware the trampire! She'll suck you dry

What about Frankenskank?

The Incredible Slut.

flockz 19

a prostitute.

A wicked bitch? Come on OP, tell us!

Kristen Stewart!

Inheritance 10

"The Walking Tramp"

RedPillSucks 31

You say that like its a bad thing

Bella from Twilight?!

It was probably Bella. Haha.

101, 130 Sorry to say but 78 but you to it because bella is kristen stewart.

Jabba the Slut

She is evidently a poor choice for a girlfriend. That's inexcusable.

simron_15 3


Marrach 7

59- If you agree , just thumb the comment up.


Hahahaha! Amen!

Seconded. Dump her op!

65 if that's how you feel don't post anymore stupid comments and just thumb up or down

AphyTheBronette 15

Tell her to hit the road with walking, plenty of girls who are loyal and responsible.

And you are still with her why? Plus, how did you not relize it sooner? I mean, it seems logical to be with your girlfriend on halloween.

Yeah, because its totally impossible that maybe he was working on Halloween, or something else important that kept him from going out.

Im pretty sure he wasn't working all night. I mean, there ARE ways he could have been able to see her for more than the morning after


You should've been with her on Halloween, but no one deserves that. Sorry to hear it OP.