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Today, while buying paint, I began to help an elderly woman working to lift some heavy boxes. She told me what a nice young lady I was. Then her boss came over, screamed at her for being lazy and fired her. She cried. So did I. FML
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**** everyone's lives. But really? Just this instance of helping an employee led to said employee's termination? What the serious ****.


He's a dick for letting her go right then and there but if I was caught being helped by a customer I would also be fired.

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That joke was bad and you also should feel bad

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Well hello Harry Potter, I'm Hailey Potter. It's nice to meet you. ;P On a more related note, what kind of sick boss was that!? Why would an elderly woman be lifting heavy boxes to begin with? And being fired because someone was kind enough to help? This is just all levels of ****** up.

Sure he maybe an ass hat, but groin shots are not cool no matter what

I don't see how you can be fired for someone helping you.. You can't control other people's actions .. If she just started to help because OP saw she was struggling, without asking .. It's not her fault.. If anything the manager should butch out the customer for helping.. He could explain to the customer that its a safety hazard , and that their insurance wouldn't cover it if she were to get hurt.. There no reason for the employee to get fired

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I'm a photographer at a studio for a living. Customers always "help" me. They start carrying props around for me and stuff like that. I always tell them that they don't have to do that but they always insist. There's no way I would get fired for it. I would only get fired if I gave them attitude and tried forcing them to not help.

How did you know that the boss is a man?

Good point 152, didn't read the FML properly :$ and *bitch**

I must've gotten a lot of people fired by Putin clothes back on the rack at department stores. :c

Everyone has just assumed the boss is male. ...What the hell people? hahaha

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Harsh :( At least your intentions were good, OP.

No good deed goes unpunished. Isn't that the saying?

**** everyone's lives. But really? Just this instance of helping an employee led to said employee's termination? What the serious ****.

what the serious ****? Lol as compared to what's the non-serious ****?

Well yes, I consider that losing a job is more serious than perhaps, say, sitting on one's testicles.

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@13. I'm on the App so I can't tell where OP is from, but if this is the US, some states are "right to work" states which is a euphemism for being able to fire without cause (except for some protected exceptions) so its up to the boss

34- they're in Canada. And the app does say where they're from. I know this because I'm currently commenting from my phone.


45- Different apps function differently, jackass. I use the windows phone app; it has none of that information. Then of course there are the Android and Iphone apps, and on top of that apps for smaller operating systems, and then all of the unofficial apps. Next time think before you open your ass. ... or mouth, whatever it is. Either way, liquid shit is spewing out when you open it.


59, my sentiments exactly. It takes me forever to comment on the windows phone app, because ALL keyboard assists are disabled, not just autocorrect. It even disables the function that predicts what letter you'll type next and makes the sensitivity area for that letter larger. Very annoying.

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At #57 Could say the same thing to you, at least they were being helpful by letting them know where they were from and probably thinking they may have missed where it shows the location. You on the other hand just spewed a bunch of useless garbage from that thing you call a mouth.


ACTUALLY, 62, 45 was being a smartass and an asshole by claiming that the app of the poster they were referring to shows gender and location, based on the fact that 45's own does. I was just pointing out 45's pigheadedness.

#57 I have an Android and it doesn't include the country. Thanks for sticking up for those of us who don't have that feature :)

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Maybe you shouldn't assume the worst, the first thing 45 did was provide helpful information by letting them know the location. A smartass/asshole usually would leave that info out and just tell them it is on the app cause they are using it and added insults on top of it. I think 45 was just trying to be helpful and didn't think about the wording of their sentence. I know if I was using an app for this first thing I would have thought was it does show location, but would have probably realized that there are different apps before finishing my post.

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#71 really? stand up for you? 45 so far was the only one to provide helpful information to 34 while the rest have just thrown insults or provided nothing helpful to the person 45 responded to.

Y'all have thread jacked my comment. :(

Well we do not actually know that this singular instance caused the firing ... I have worked in places where we had employees both young and elderly that were difficult if not unbearable to work with just because the lady was elderly doesn't mean she was sweet or innocent. It suck for OP that they felt responsible but at the same time we do not know enough back story to know if the firing was warranted. That said there are much more professional ways to go about firing an employee.

I thank you etch :) Yeah, you're right, this could be a case where the employee was a lazy worker, but when I think of old grandma's, I get a pastoral nostalgia where my grandma made me cookies and peeled apples for me :)

I feel the same way lol my first thought was an elderly lady in a frilly apron ... I tend to think the method was wrong but for all we know the boxes weren't her job I worked at a dealership where we had an older lady who was supposed to be handling warranty tickets... She would interfere with all the service advisors and techs but rarely ever about things that were warranty related. It could be similar perhaps this woman was an accountant or in a different area or dept. she may have been ignoring her job and the heavy boxes may not have been a part of it at all. I agree though lol if its this singular event then "What the serious ****"

It says they're from Nova Scotia. That employee can go batshit on them if the below applies, because it could be considered wrongful termination and they can go to the Labour Board. You can't fire someone without having given them at least two warning IN WRITING first, unless it's their first three months on the job - probationary period. Even if you are firing somebody, if they've worked for you for less than two years you get a one week's written notice - it goes up from there. So depending how long the employee was there, what was in her contract, and how many times she was documented violating it - she could have a case on her hands and get some money out of the company. You're certainly not allowed to fire people on the spot, I believe that fits under unnecessary conduct by employer. She'd have to call the labour board and talk to them about it. I've contacted the Commission des Normes du Travail (basically same thing but Quebec version) for a shitty telemarketing job I worked at. I was just a receptionist - filed things, entered data, answered the phone, translated things because the owner was English. Since I knew nothing about what was being marketed apart from the fact that it was physical items supposedly being sold from a warehouse in the U.S. - I didn't know the owners were scammers until they up and ****** off - and cancelled every single one of my paycheques that they could. Unfortunately they had difficulty getting back my money (I got a ton of phone call threats and even a 'cease and desist' letter from a lawyer - for going to the labour board, they were gonna report me to the cops (what for?). Morons). I got back reparations of about $500 in a settlement because the owner didn't show up in court (and had fled to the States), and it was either take the settlement or have the Baliff go to his house (his parents' house) and repossess his belongings to pay me - since he was in the States, there was no guarantee anything at the house belonged to him. The $500 was his parents trying to get me off of his back. But no worries - the Normes forwarded the case to the cops, so if they catch him in the States, he's got a LOT of explaining to do. And probably some time in the slammer. Ha.

ya like a friendly f*ck not as serious

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Hell, I'm on the iPad app and it only shows me the name, I believe. Maybe, the category. Point is; There are several different mobile apps. And they're all different. Just because yours is one day doesn't mean all of them are the same. Better luck next time, buddy!

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Don't feel bad, OP, I probably would've cried too. But I'm a bit of a wuss.

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That poor woman. Men like her boss make me lose faith in humanity. If she needed help, it doesn't mean she's lazy. What an awful man.

Lol, where does it say that her boss is a man?

The " losing faith in humanity " line is getting old. Be original.

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32- hopeless for **** sapiens?

How about; Dampens my resolve as to the character of mankind.

What a douche the boss is! Firing an old lady at this time of the year without getting the facts right. People these days, smh. Really, you can't stop someone from wanting to help another right?

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If I were OP, I'd yell that boss and order him to give that lady her job back. And then top it off with a nice roundhouse kick to the noggin.

If I were OP, I'd do the opposite. Unless of course they would like to be charged with assault. but hey, maybe OP is into that kind of stuff.

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Wow. That breaks my heart. Just goes to show how cold this world is getting.

Just because the last 60 or so years have been relatively "easy" and now things are getting rougher again doesn't mean the whole world is just now becoming so terrible. Imagine the 30's or anytime before the 1900's. I doubt there were too many sympathetic bosses with tons of immigrants available for cheap labor just outside.

You missed the point where the world is spiraling more and more towards assholism.

Not really, think he has a good grasp on perspective.

Because assholes are incapable of recognizing the assholism in themselves.

More like, if you promote the idea of a shitty world and you are successful in getting people to believe it is a shitty world then what kind of world do you think you have helped create.

The world is actually getting better overall. For ever bad deed I hear of there are countless good things that people do for each other. Simply because the bad shock you more doesn't mean you should forgo perspective.

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That's just cold hearted of her boss. I would've helped too OP. Might be tough but hopefully she'll find work else where.

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Aww poor OP! At least you had good intentions and explain to her jerk of a boss the situation! Completely unprofessional!!

How did you know his name? "Hello, I am Fuckface Bastard. Welcome to Walmart. Can I help you find anything like a thong or bicycle pants that are 4 sizes too small for your rather healthy girth?"